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What is the plot of the story the centipede?

What is the plot of the story the centipede?

The story was about a misunderstanding between Eddie and his sister Delia. The conflict of between the two started when Delia provoke her brother Eddie by way of attacking and destroying Eddie’s pet and other Eddie’s Important things in life.

What is the climax of the centipede by Rony V Diaz?

The climax occurs when the narrator drops the dead centipede onto his sister’s lap. She screams and jumps up. Then she collapses. The action quickly falls as Delia accuses the narrator and drops to the floor.

Where is the setting of the story The Centipede by Rony V Diaz?

Answer: Diaz and is considered as one of the best short stories in the Philippines. The main characters were Delia and Eddie. The story happened at the hut his sister Delia’s playhouse, Eddie and Delia’s house and at the last part of the story, it happened in the woodshed where Berto is splitting up the woods.

Is the story Centipede by Rony v Diaz appropriate for children?

1. Critical Paper #4 Centipede by Rony V. Diaz The story centipede by Rony V. Diaz shows violence towards man and animals. It is not appropriate for children and adults who are or have a close mind. Hate, the reason why people did bad things, the reason why people destroy things that matters to someone.

Who is the author of the centipede short story?

SUMMARY OF THE CENTIPEDE – In this topic, we will now know the summary of “The Centipede”, a short story written by Rony V. Diaz. As mentioned above and according to Roads and Pages, the short story was written way back in 1953 by Rony V. Diaz, an award winning Filipino short story writer.

Who are the main characters in the centipede?

Here is the summary of the short story: A boy named Eddie hated his sister Delia. This started when Delia beat his dog Biryuk. He wanted to stop her but can’t since Delia has a weak heart. A flashback shows that Eddie and Delia treat each other as rivals.

What is the climax of the story the centipede?

The action rises through the flashbacks, Delia’s threats, the narrator’s horror at his injured dog, and the handyman’s discovery of the centipede. The climax occurs when the narrator drops the dead centipede into his sister’s lap. From there, the action falls to a limited denouement in the story’s final lines. Hover for more information.