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What is the root for defendant?

What is the root for defendant?

defendant (n.) c. 1400, in the legal sense “a party sued in a court of law,” from Anglo-French, Old French defendant (Modern French défendant), noun use of present participle of defendre (see defend). Earliest use in English was as a present-participle adjective meaning “defensive, defending” (c. 1300).

What is suffix for judge?

‘” When referred to in a decision of a court, judges’ titles are often abbreviated to the suffix “J.”, so that Justice Smith will be referred to as Smith J. Judges in some superior courts are addressed as “My Lord” or “My Lady”. Both the titles “judge” and “justice” are translated juge.

What is the suffix of deny?

-al 2 ,suffix. -al is used to form nouns from verbs, with the meaning “the act of:” deny + -al → denial (= the act of denying); refuse + -al → refusal (= the act of refusing).

What is a defendant and plaintiff?

plaintiff, the party who brings a legal action or in whose name it is brought—as opposed to the defendant, the party who is being sued.

What is the suffix for King?

the suffix of king is kingship.

What is the prefix of justice?

The prefix in- in inequity means “not” or “opposite of.” Equity, means “justice or fairness.” Put it together and you get inequity: something that’s unfair or unjust.

What is the suffix IC?

Suffix. -ic. Used to form adjectives from nouns with the meaning “of or pertaining to”.

Which is the best definition of the word defendant?

[dih-fen-duh nt or especially in court for 1, -dant] See more synonyms for defendant on noun. Law. a person, company, etc., against whom a claim or charge is brought in a court (opposed to plaintiff).

Where did the word defendaunt come from in English?

First recorded in 1275–1325; Middle English defendaunt, from Anglo-French (Middle French, Old French defendant ). See defend, -ant

What’s the difference between a plaintiff and a defender?

law : a person or group against whom a criminal or civil action is brought : someone who is being sued or accused of committing a crime if the jury finds the defendant not guilty — compare plaintiff : being on the defensive : defending : a person who is being sued or accused of a crime in a court of law

Who are the defendants in the Washington Post case?

— Washington Post, 31 Aug. 2021 Recent Examples on the Web: Adjective On Halloween 2017, co- defendant Paradise Haynes, Tyler and Justin Mitchell went to the apartment where Carter and an 18-year-old man were, according to a probable cause affidavit.