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What is the scientific name for kiwifruit?

What is the scientific name for kiwifruit?

fruit. Alternate titles: Actinidia deliciosa, Chinese gooseberry, kiwifruit. Share Give Feedback External Websites. By Melissa Petruzzello | View Edit History. kiwi, (Actinidia deliciosa), also called kiwifruit or Chinese gooseberry, woody vine and edible fruit of the family Actinidiaceae.

What is the classification of kiwi fruit?

Actinidia deliciosa
Actinidia deliciosa, the fuzzy kiwifruit, is a fruiting vine native to southern China, the fruit of which has been declared the national fruit of that country….

Actinidia deliciosa
Order: Ericales
Family: Actinidiaceae
Genus: Actinidia
Species: A. deliciosa

What family is kiwi fruit in?

Actinidia chinensis/Family

How many species of kiwi fruit are there?

50 types
There are approximately 50 types of kiwi fruit. The variety you choose to grow in your landscape will depend upon your zone and the space you have available.

Why is kiwifruit called kiwifruit?

What is the origin of the kiwifruit’s name? Being of Chinese origin, kiwifruit originally had a Chinese name, yang tao. ‘ Gooseberries not being the most popular fruit, in 1959 it was decided to change the name to kiwifruit, after New Zealand’s national bird.

Why are Kiwis called Kiwis?

Why are New Zealanders called Kiwis? The name ‘kiwi’ comes from the curious little flightless bird that is unique to New Zealand. Māori people have always held the kiwi bird in high regard. Their feathers were used to make ‘kahu kiwi’, valuable cloaks worn by tribal chiefs.

Where are golden kiwis grown?

Golden Kiwi is a variety type of fresh (soft) kiwi fruits that is also famous as “SunGold kiwifruit ” in the worldwide. This kind kiwi is growing in some of world regions including Iran but its main region is New Zealand where golden kiwi fruit grows.

Is kiwi a hybrid fruit?

Boysenberries are a hybrid between a blackberry and raspberry, Meyer lemons are a hybrid of a lemon and a Mandarin orange, kiwis are hybrids of the genus Actinidia, and grapefruits are an 18th-century hybrid originally bred in Jamaica.

Are Golden Kiwis?

The green kiwi has a fuzzy brown skin and oval shape. Gold kiwifruit, in contrast, has smooth, hairless skin that’s a nice golden-brown color. Green kiwifruit has, as one would expect, a green flesh with black seeds. The flesh of our golden kiwifruit is a vibrant yellow color with a smaller core and fewer seeds.

What kind of fruit is the golden kiwifruit?

Actinidia chinensis (Planch.), known commercially as the golden kiwifruit, is a fruiting vine, native to China. It is one of some 40 related species of the genus Actinidia , and closely related to Actinidia deliciosa , [2] which is the source of the most common commercial kiwifruit .

What is the scientific name of the kiwi fruit?

Kiwi Scientific Name. Native to China, the kiwi fruit has been cultivated in Asia for hundreds of years, and it shares many characteristics with other species that also belong to the Actinidia genus, including its climbing growth, flower arrangement, and classification as a berry fruit. The botanical name of kiwi ( Actinidia deliciosa)

How did the kiwifruit get its name Actinidia?

This name is given to plants that are tough and hardy. The word “actinidia” derives from a Greek word meaning “difficult” or “hard” and therefore is very suiting for kiwifruit. The vine and skin of the kiwifruit are extremely tough, resistant, strong and hardy. Kiwifruit’s final classification is given for its fruit.

Where did the name deliciosa kiwifruit come from?

Kiwifruit’s final classification is given for its fruit. The species name, “deliciosa”, derives from the Greek word meaning “luxury” or “luxurious” and refers to the luscious taste of the green, fleshy fruit.