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What is the sentence of woke?

What is the sentence of woke?

Woke sentence example. The sound of voices woke her. Cassie woke the next morning in the cool of dawn. When she woke again, the room was dark.

What is the sentences of hungry?

[M] [T] She whispered to me that she was hungry. [M] [T] I’m hungry, so I’m going to get something to eat. [M] [T] I haven’t eaten since breakfast and I’m very hungry. [M] [T] I’m pretty hungry since I haven’t eaten since early this morning.

How do you use wake up in a sentence?

Wake-up sentence example

  1. Tammy didn’t wake up .
  2. My queen, wake up !
  3. Please let me wake up and find out this was only a dream.
  4. Sleep late and wake up grouchy.
  5. The calculation is a good wake-up call that values your time and effort.
  6. My flight was delayed an hour so my early wake up was in vain.

How do you use hunger in a sentence?

Hunger sentence example

  1. He grew weak from hunger and thirst.
  2. Her hunger and thirst satisfied, she was getting sleepy again.
  3. The hunger in his eyes increased her pulse.
  4. You will only hunger for me.
  5. Horror and hunger surged through her.
  6. Maybe it was hunger or the pleasant company.
  7. Her hunger demanded action.

How do you write just woke up?

To say “I barely woke up” is to mean not quite woke up I just woke up. I just awoke. The perfect tense works better in the following type of construction: I had just awakened when Sheila burst into the room, hunting for …

What kind of sentence are you hungry?

It is question sentence.

How do you use hunger pangs?

Examples of ‘hunger pangs’ in a sentence hunger pangs

  1. They burn fat, suppress hunger pangs — and boost overall calorie-burning rates.
  2. And she had a string of meltdowns over her hunger pangs.
  3. Then eat similar foods afterwards to refuel your muscles and curb hunger pangs.

How do you say I just woke up now?

While this is technically correct, you never hear people use this phrase in the present tense (you may hear people say “I will wake up later” or “I woke up earlier.” If you want to say that you are in the process of waking up, use the gerund: “I am waking up now.” Or, you can say, “I just woke up.”

How do you use woken up in a sentence?

She’d let down her guard to Darian after thousands years of rebuffing everyone else and had woken up feeling recharged, confused. Have woken up this morning feeling completely naff again, hey ho. Tuesday, 27 July 2004 I’ve just woken up with a terrible hangover.

Which is an example of a woke sentence?

woke Sentence Examples. The sound of voices woke her. When she woke again, the room was dark. Cassie woke the next morning in the cool of dawn. I just woke up, Moira. Later she woke to find Connie asleep in a chair beside her gurney.

Why do I wake up hungry when I go to bed?

When you go to bed hungry, you feel less hungry when you wake up. The primary reason behind this is that in a healthy individual (i.e., one who does not suffer from diabetes or related ailments), the carbs that they consume during a meal are slowly used up as they go about performing their everyday physical activities.

Which is an example of a hungry sentence?

hungry Sentence Examples. If you’re hungry, visit the kitchen. The stray dog looked hungry and cold. She nodded, hungry enough to set foot in the room with the most beautiful women in history. Fevered and shivering, she felt too weak and hungry to focus well, but the shape of the black hourglass was unmistakable.

What should I eat when I go to bed hungry?

Instead, during the day, consume a diet high rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy whole grains, and lean dairy. Add fish high in omega 3s such as salmon or tuna to your diet several times a week. Eat only a small amount of meat. Get plenty of exercise every day, such as walking, swimming, biking, or running.