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What is the synonym and antonym of Gallantry?

What is the synonym and antonym of Gallantry?

Compare BRAVE; FORTITUDE. Synonyms: bravery, courage, heroism, intrepidity, prowess, valor. Antonyms: cowardice, cowardliness, effeminacy, fear, pusillanimity, timidity.

What is a synonym of gallantry?

Words related to gallantry boldness, courage, valor, address, attentiveness, audacity, courageousness, courtesy, daring, dauntlessness, deference, derring-do, duty, elegance, fearlessness, graciousness, honor, intrepidity, mettle, nerve.

What is the adjective of gallantry?

adjective. brave, spirited, noble-minded, or chivalrous: a gallant knight; a gallant rescue attempt.

What is the antonyms of resplendent?

antonyms for resplendent

  • bad.
  • dark.
  • dull.
  • poor.
  • ugly.
  • cloudy.
  • gloomy.
  • withering.

What does intrepidity mean?

: characterized by resolute fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance an intrepid explorer. Other Words from intrepid Synonyms & Antonyms Don’t Be Afraid to Learn About Intrepid More Example Sentences Learn More About intrepid.

What are some antonyms for gallantly?

antonyms for gallantly

  • fearfully.
  • timidly.

What does gallantly mean in the outsiders?

gallantly. in a heroic or brave manner. sophisticated. having worldly knowledge and refinement. aloofness.

What is the antonym of gallantly?

What is the opposite of gallantly?

cowardly cravenly
fearfully pusillanimously
spinelessly spiritlessly
timorously timidly
nervously apprehensively

What is a antonym for ornery?

Antonyms: good-natured. Synonyms: crotchety, cantankerous, bloody-minded.

What is the antonym of commissioned?

Cancelled is the past tense form of cancel. It is opposite in meaning to commissioned. Hence, it is the correct option.