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What is the value of a number in the tenths place?

What is the value of a number in the tenths place?

The right of the decimal point is like a fraction. In the case where the place value is to the right of the decimal point, the place tells you the fraction. For example, 0.7 is in the tenths place and represents the fraction 7/10.

Where is the ones tens and hundreds place?

A number can have many digits and each digit has a special place and value. Starting from the right the first digit will be at ones place, the second digit at tens place and the third digit at hundreds place.

How many thousands means 100 tens?

There are 100 tens in 1,000.

What are the numbers in the thousands column?

We have the thousands group and then the hundreds, tens and units group. We break the thousands group into hundreds, tens and units. We have 867. So we say we have eight hundred and sixty-seven thousand. In the hundreds, tens and units columns we have 485, which is four hundred and eighty-five.

What is the total value of 10 hundred thousands?

The total value of 10 hundred thousands is 1 million. The term “10 hundred thousands” is a simple progression of magnitude, in which each of the numerals is multiplied by the next number in the sequence. In this case, each number can be written out in numerals: 10, 100, 1,000. Each of these values has a set number of zeros after the one.

Which is bigger a hundred or a thousand?

K stands for thousands and Hundred stands for hundreds. The formula used in thousands to hundreds conversion is 1 Thousand = 10 Hundred. In other words, 1 thousand is 10 times bigger than a hundred.

What’s the rule of counting greater than one thousand?

Always remember that once you hit a “9” and switch to a “0”, the value in the column to the left will increase by one. That’s the big rule of counting by ones. So what about numbers greater than one thousand (1,000).