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What issue started the violence in the Kansas Territory quizlet?

What issue started the violence in the Kansas Territory quizlet?

Violence broke out over whether Kansas would allow slavery or not.

Why was there violence in Kansas in the 1850s?

Sporadic outbursts of violence occurred between pro- and anti-slavery forces in late 1855 and early 1856. Despite the visibility of the violence in Kansas, relatively few of the settlers in the new territory were deeply invested in the conflict over slavery.

What law eventually led to violence in Kansas?

The Kansas-Nebraska Act incited a violent struggle between pro- and anti-slavery advocates in Kansas, on the Senate floor, and eventually throughout the country.

Why did violence break out in Kansas quizlet?

Why did violence break out in Kansas? However, political conflict resulted in violence between pro- and antislavery settlers of Kansas. You just studied 27 terms!

Why was Kansas known as Bleeding Kansas?

This period of guerrilla warfare is referred to as Bleeding Kansas because of the blood shed by pro-slavery and anti-slavery groups, lasting until the violence died down in roughly 1859. While their victims were southerners they did not own any slaves but still supported slavery’s extension into Kansas.

How did the Kansas Nebraska Act lead to violence?

How did the Kansas Nebraska act lead to violence? The people who wanted slavery and didn’t want slavery both went to Kansas to fight for their territory. It was populat with the north but the south objected b/c they said it had no real picture of what slave life really was.

What was bleeding Kansas Why did this occur?

Bleeding Kansas was a mini civil war between pro- and anti-slavery forces that occurred in Kansas from 1856 to 1865. Some of these settlers simply wanted the new land now open to settlement, but many other people came to cast their votes either for or against slavery.

What caused the Bleeding Kansas?

Bleeding Kansas, Bloody Kansas, or the Border War was a series of violent civil confrontations in Kansas Territory, and to a lesser extent in western Missouri, between 1854 and 1859. It emerged from a political and ideological debate over the legality of slavery in the proposed state of Kansas.