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What places did Henry Hudson travel to?

What places did Henry Hudson travel to?

Henry Hudson did not succeed in reaching Asia; however, he did explore the North Atlantic Ocean, Greenland, Iceland, parts of North America, and he famously sailed up the Hudson River as far as current-day Albany, New York.

Who did Henry Hudson voyage for?

For Henry’s first two voyages in 1607 and 1608, he sailed for England on a ship called Hopewell. On these first two voyages he was looking for the Northeast Passage to the Orient. Both voyages failed to discover a water route to the Orient. On Hudson’s third voyage in 1609, he sailed for the Dutch.

Where did Henry Hudson go on his second voyage?

Second Voyage (1608) In 1608, Hudson sailed again in the Hopewell, again in association with Sir Thomas Smythe, but now with the aim of finding the Northeast Passage, a route to East Asia over the top of Russia. Hudson and his crew of 14 were unable to progress beyond Novaya Zemlya, an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean.

How long did Henry Hudson’s first voyage take?

Henry Hudson sailed out of Gravesend, England in April 1607 aboard the ship Hopewell. He had a crew of ten men, including his son John. It was a slow trip with bad winds. It took 26 days to reach the Shetland Islands north of Great Britain.

Where did Henry Hudson go on his last voyage?

…Hudson Strait, and in 1610 Henry Hudson, on his last voyage, sailed the Discovery into Hudson Bay and south to James Bay, where he was forced to winter. In the spring there was a mutiny aboard; Hudson and about eight of his crew, including his young son, were set adrift…

Where did Henry Hudson Land and discover?

Hudson landed along the coast of Maine and then continued south to Chesapeake and Delaware Bays. After deciding that these were not the passageways he was looking for, Hudson turned north, discovering and exploring the Hudson River along the way.

Where did Henry Hudson came from to America?

Henry Hudson was born in England in the mid-16th century, when explorers were attempting to locate a direct water route past the North American continent to the Far East. Hired by the Dutch, Hudson sailed the Half Moon from Holland on April 9, 1609, and several weeks he later made landfall near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.

What country sponsored Henry Hudson?

Henry Hudson was sponsored by the Dutch East India Company that was paid by Dutch so the country would be the Netherlands. You can shade it like in the attached picture (taken from wikipedia)