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What play is the Cell Block Tango from?

What play is the Cell Block Tango from?

Cell Block Tango/Play

Is Cell Block Tango a real story?

And the story is rooted in fact – namely, the 1924 murder trials of Beulah Annan (Hart) and Belva Gaertner (Kelly), and bolstered by the saccharine reporting of the Chicago Tribune’s Maurine Dallas Watkins (Sunshine). For her part, Gaertner killed her married lover in her car, citing an alcoholic blackout.

What episode of Glee do they perform Cell Block Tango?

Choke (Glee)

Episode no. Season 3 Episode 18
Directed by Michael Uppendahl
Written by Marti Noxon
Featured music “The Music of the Night” “School’s Out” “Cell Block Tango” “Not the Boy Next Door” “Don’t Rain on My Parade” “The Rain in Spain” “Shake It Out” “Cry”

What does the Hungarian girl say in Cell Block Tango?

Próbáltam a rendõrségen megmagyarázni, de nem értették meg. How did I find myself here? They say my famous lover (neighbor?) held down my husband and I cut his head off.

Who is Hunyak based on?

This led her to search for and find the other three women whose stories would, eventually, become “Chicago.” They were Beulah Annan, who inspired the character Roxie Hart; Belva Gaertner, who inspired the character Velma Kelly; and Sabella Nitti, who inspired the character Hunyak.

What songs does Velma sing in Chicago?

“I Know a Girl” – Velma.

  • “Me and My Baby” – Roxie and Company.
  • “Mr. Cellophane” – Amos Hart.
  • “When Velma Takes the Stand” – Velma and Boys.
  • “Razzle Dazzle” – Billy and Company.
  • “Class” – Velma and Morton.
  • “Nowadays” – Roxie.
  • Finale: “Nowadays”/”R.S.V.P”/”Keep It Hot” – Roxie and Velma †
  • Who is Velma Kelly based on?

    Belva Gaertner
    Historical basis. Velma Kelly’s character was based on a woman named Belva Gaertner. Belva was a cabaret singer who had been married and divorced twice. After those men had come and gone, she had a lover named Walter Law, who she thought was the right man for her.

    Is Roxie Hart real?

    Roxanne “Roxie” Hart is a fictional character. She is the main character of the 1926 play Chicago and its various remakes and derivatives.

    Is Whoopi Goldberg in glee?

    Carmen Tibideaux is a recurring character on Glee, who made her debut appearance in Choke, the eighteenth episode of Season Three. She is the Dean of Vocal Performance and Song Interpretation at NYADA. She is portrayed by actress Whoopi Goldberg.

    Does Rachel get into Nyada?

    Rachel Berry, who was accepted into NYADA. Not only did Finn break off their engagement to set Rachel free to follow her dreams, but he’s also decided to join the Army. Kurt, on the other hand, didn’t get in to NYADA, even after a stellar audition.

    What language is she speaking in Cell Block Tango?

    During the song “Cell Block Tango” Hunyak (Ekaterina Chtchelkanova) speaks in Hungarian, but Chtchelkanova is Russian and her accent makes the speech very difficult to understand, even for native speakers of Hungarian.

    Who was the composer of Cell Block Tango?

    Cell Block Tango is a song from the 1975 musical Chicago, with music composed by John Kander and lyrics written by Fred Ebb. It features the female criminals explaining how they ended up in jail. Chicago: A Musical Vaudeville (Original Broadway Cast) (1975) Original Broadway Cast of Chicago

    Why do I Love the Cell Block Tango?

    No matter what mood you may be in, “The Cell Block Tango” gives you so much energy and excitement. I used to do this number in my living room when I was kid. I would play all the different roles and dance around my picnic chairs. It’s so surreal to do this every night. It’s truly living out a childhood dream.

    Who was the third woman in Cell Block Tango?

    “Squish”: The third woman, June, explains that her husband Wilbur had threateningly accused her of having an affair with the milkman while she was cooking dinner and that when he charged her, she stabbed him to death, likely in self-defense: “He ran into my knife ten times.”

    Why did Cell Block Tango have amnesia at the end?

    To maintain plausible deniability, she claims to have amnesia about what happens next but came to her senses as she was washing off the blood on her hands, strongly implying she killed them both in a fit of blind rage.