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What University invented the first ever homecoming in 1911?

What University invented the first ever homecoming in 1911?

Did Mizzou really invent Homecoming? Back in 1911, when Chester Brewer invited alumni to come home for the Missouri-Kansas football game, he couldn’t have envisioned that the event would become Mizzou’s biggest annual tradition.

Did Mizzou start homecoming?

And several previously published newspaper articles report that the NCAA credits Mizzou with the first Homecoming — though NCAA librarian Ellen Summers says nothing in NCAA records definitively indicates that Mizzou’s 1911 Homecoming was the first.

What was the original homecoming?

1914 – The first Homecoming game was played on Northrop field against Minnesota’s rival: the Wisconsin Badgers. Minnesota won 14-3! 1914 – The first annual Homecoming dance was hosted. Students dressed in their best clothing and used the dance as an opportunity to connect with their special someone.

What is homecoming college?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines homecoming as “a celebration at school or college, usually including a dance and a football game, when people who were students there at an earlier time can return to visit” ( This is particularly true of American university culture.

What school has the longest homecoming tradition?

The University of Illinois
The University of Illinois claims to have the longest running homecoming tradition, starting in 1910 and only skipping one year–1918 when the influenza epidemic kept people from gathering in large numbers. The homecoming court has its origins in the 1930s.

Who was the first homecoming queen?

Betty Walker
The first Homecoming Queen, Betty Walker, was crowned in November 1950. This tradition lasted until 1970 when Daily Beacon columnist Vince Staten, photographed with a paper bag over his head, won with 2,500 votes but was not crowned as queen because his candidacy was deemed invalid.

What is college homecoming?

Homecoming is a long-standing American tradition where colleges and high schools would welcome alumni back to campus and the community. Now it is an annual tradition where alumni, students, fans and community members come together to honor a school’s traditions and history.

Why is Mizzou called Mizzou?

The usage of the term “Mizzou” was first recorded in a campus yell that used the phrase “Mizzou, Rah, Rah.” The commonly accepted origin is that the word is a shortened version of the University’s (then-known as the Missouri State University) initials, MSU.

When did the first homecoming game take place?

Although the annual Harvard-Yale game has been inviting alumni to return home for The Game since the 1870s, the origins of the first homecoming celebration remain largely contested. Baylor, Illinois and Missouri are three of the frontrunners, all having planned and held their first “coming home” celebrations around 1910.

Where was the first University of Missouri homecoming held?

At least two collegiate homecoming celebrations predate the University of Missouri football game homecoming event: Southwestern University, in Georgetown, TX and Baylor University, in Waco, TX. By multiple historical accounts, Southwestern held the first Homecoming on record on Wednesday, April 21, 1909 in San Gabriel Park.

When is homecoming for a high school football team?

When attached to a football game, homecoming traditionally occurs on the team’s return from the longest road trip of the season or the first home game of a season that falls after an away game. The game itself, whether it be football or another sport, will typically feature the home team playing a considerably weaker opponent.

When was the first University of Illinois homecoming?

The the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign first held its homecoming event in 1910, celebrating the 100th anniversary in 2010. This event was held annually except for 1918 when it was canceled because of the influenza epidemic.