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What was Bluewater before it was a shopping centre?

What was Bluewater before it was a shopping centre?

Opened on 16 March 1999 in a former chalk quarry after ten years of building works, the site including car parks occupies 240 acres (97 ha) and has a sales floor area of 154,000 m2 (1,600,000 ft2) over three levels, making it the fifth-largest shopping centre in the UK (after Westfield London, MetroCentre, Trafford …

Is Bluewater the same as Lakeside?

Lakeside is open an extra hour than Bluewater Whereas Lakeside is open from 10am to 10pm weekdays, it gives you that extra hour every evening to pop in – great for anyone who is busy during the day at work.

Do I need to wear a mask in Bluewater?

From the 19th July, it is expected that anyone visiting Bluewater will wear a face covering, unless they are exempt. Our teams will also continue to wear face coverings, unless exempt, to protect those around them.

Is Bluewater bigger than Westfield?

The extension will give Bluewater more than 185,000 sq/m of retail space, making it only second biggest in the UK to the intu Metrocentre in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. The added retail space will make the centre bigger than rival Westfield Stratford City, although it too is planning to expand.

What is the biggest mall in the UK?

Westfield London
List of shopping centres in the United Kingdom by size

Rank Shopping Centre City/Town
1 Westfield London Shepherd’s Bush, London
2 Metrocentre Gateshead, Tyne and Wear
3 Trafford Centre Trafford, Greater Manchester
4 Westfield Stratford City Stratford, London

How many Westfields are there in London?

two Westfield shopping centres
London boasts two Westfield shopping centres: one in west London, and one in Stratford, in the east of the city. Westfield London is located in Shepherd’s Bush in west London, close to the Shepherd’s Bush Overground station.

Whats is Bluewater?

Blue water is the water in our surface and groundwater reservoirs. In irrigated agriculture, blue water is abstracted to maintain transpiration. Soil is a storage reservoir for the green water that falls from the sky, or that which has been added through irrigation from blue-water reservoirs.

Where is the Bluewater Shopping Centre in London?

/ 51.4396; 0.2712 Bluewater Shopping Centre (commonly referred to as Bluewater) is an out-of-town shopping centre in Stone (postally Greenhithe ), Kent, England, outside the M25 Orbital motorway, 17.8 miles (28.6 km) east south-east of London ‘s centre.

Which is the nearest train station to Bluewater?

There are statues of historic trades along the walls above the upper level. There are over 13,000 free parking spaces, covered over six car parks. The nearest railway station to Bluewater is Greenhithe for Bluewater, located 1.7 miles away.

How did the county of Kent get its name?

The name Kent itself is believed to be of British Celtic origin and the county was known in Old English at different times as Cent, Cent Lond and Centrice, all of which were pronounced with a hard C as ‘Kent’.

How did Wells in Kent get its name?

Meaning ‘bridge of the town’ from the Old English tun meaning an enclosure, village or estate and brycg meaning bridge. The name Wells refers to the medicinal water springs discovered in the 17th century. Meanwhile, the ‘Royal’ title the town was given came from Edward VII on account of its popularity among members of the royal family.