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What was housing like in the Victorian era?

What was housing like in the Victorian era?

The houses were cheap, most had between two and four rooms – one or two rooms downstairs, and one or two rooms upstairs, but Victorian families were big with perhaps four or five children. There was no water, and no toilet. A whole street (sometimes more) would have to share a couple of toilets and a pump.

What was life like in Victorian times for the poor?

A poor Victorian family would have lived in a very small house with only a couple of rooms on each floor. The very poorest families had to make do with even less – some houses were home to two, three or even four families. The houses would share toilets and water, which they could get from a pump or a well.

What did poor Victorians eat?

For many poor people across Britain, white bread made from bolted wheat flour was the staple component of the diet. When they could afford it, people would supplement this with vegetables, fruit and animal-derived foods such as meat, fish, milk, cheese and eggs – a Mediterranean-style diet.

What was crime like in the Victorian era?

Crime was commonplace, from pickpocketing (as practised by Fagin’s boys in Oliver Twist) and house-breaking to violent affray and calculated murder. Vice was easily available from child prostitution to opium dens. Drunkenness was widespread.

How did Victorians wash dishes?

Victorian women used hot water and soap flakes to wash their dishes, and did their dishes by hand. The main process hasn’t changed very much over the years. You probably use a blue cleaner, in a spray bottle, to wash your windows. After spraying, many people use paper towels to clean the window without leaving streaks.

What was daily life like in the Victorian era?

The Victorian Era: Daily Life. The quality of daily life in the Victorian Era depended greatly on social class. For example, people of the upper class received their wealth from inherited land or investments, and usually did not have to work.

What events happened during the Victorian era?

Some of the many events that took place during the Victorian era include: Charles Darwin’s publication of The Origin of Species, the Jack the Ripper murders, The Crimean War , Sir John Bazalgette’s modernization of the London sewer system following a deadly outbreak of cholera, the installation of electric lights, the invention of the telephone,…

What was life like for women in Victorian era?

The life of a high or middle class woman in the Victorian Era can be described as a possession or a treasure of the family. Women were mainly for love interest and they were purity. Women were respected so they could not be used for pleasurable sex and physical exertion.

What are facts about the Victorian era?

Fun Facts About the Victorian Era Inventions. The Victorian Era was filled with the development of new inventions. Morals and Conduct. During the Victorian Era, there were extremely strict codes of morals and conduct. Social Structure. The Victorian Era included the upper class, the middle class, and the working class. Hospital, Surgeries and Health.