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What was life like for the rich and poor in Victorian times?

What was life like for the rich and poor in Victorian times?

There was a big difference between rich and poor in Victorian times. Rich people could afford lots of treats like holidays, fancy clothes, and even telephones when they were invented. Poor people – even children – had to work hard in factories, mines or workhouses. They didn’t get paid very much money.

What did rich and poor Victorians eat?

A diet of meat, vegetables, fresh milk was commonly available and they were available to feed their children the nutrients they needed for growth and development. 5: The level of meat ratio at meal times decreases through the classes. The wealthy Victorian family would have meat daily and cheese and bacon for supper.

What was life like for the rich in the Victorian era?

The Poor The Wealthy
had few luxuries. ate food they could afford to buy worked long hours lived in damp, filthy conditions. Many children died of disease. usually well fed, clean and well clothed. didn’t need to work lived in big houses with servants went on holidays children had expensive toys children went to school

What was it like to be poor in the Victorian times?

A poor Victorian family would have lived in a very small house with only a couple of rooms on each floor. The very poorest families had to make do with even less – some houses were home to two, three or even four families. The houses would share toilets and water, which they could get from a pump or a well.

What did rich Victorians?

Rich Victorian men had jobs such as doctors, lawyers, bankers and factory owners.

What was life like for rich people in Victorian England?

Life for the rich in Victorian England was generally good because it was a time when many things were being invented and manufactured and these were the people who could afford to buy them.

Why was there so few toys in the Victorian era?

Lower class perhaps built their own toys that were given during popular festivals such as Christmas. Toys were very few and far between simply because of the expense and time that it took to build them.

What foods did rich people eat in the Victorian era?

Typical rich Victorian party. Besides this, on special occasions like Christmas, the wealthy have lavish meals which include plum pudding, mince pie, boars head, roasted goose, etc. The rich and the wealthy enjoyed luxurious life and good quality food which the working class could only imagine.

What was the wage of a poor child in Victorian times?

Poor children aged just three or four would work 12 hour days for five shillings (25p) a week or less. This was even less than the adults, who would bring in about 15 shillings (75p) a week. Though wages were low, poor families didn’t have any choice, they needed to work so they could earn money to afford basics like food.