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What was Martin Frobisher first voyage?

What was Martin Frobisher first voyage?

During his first expedition, he became the first European to navigate the waterway now known as Frobisher Bay and returned to England with ore thought to contain gold. He returned to the Arctic twice more, in 1577 and 1578….Sir Martin Frobisher.

Published Online January 2, 2008
Last Edited December 18, 2015

What ship did Martin Frobisher sail on?

Frobisher joined Francis Drake on his 1585 raids of Spanish ports and shipping in the West Indies as vice-admiral of Drake’s fleet, appointed to that position by the Queen; his flagship was the Primrose.

How many trips did Frobisher make to the Arctic and what did he do on his last voyage?

three voyages
It was for his three voyages to what was then called the New World that Frobisher became a famed explorer.

What is Frobisher Bay called now?

1987 – Frobisher Bay officially becomes Iqaluit, reverting to its original Inuktitut name. May 1993 – Signing of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement in Iqaluit. December 1995 – Iqaluit is selected to be the capital of the new territory of Nunavut. April 1, 1999 – The new territory of Nunavut officially comes into being.

When did Frobisher go on his second voyage?

Frobisher’s reports of possible gold mines convinced investors to fund a second voyage. On May 27, 1577, Frobisher set out to sea again, this time with additional funding, ships and men. He reached Frobisher Bay on July 17 and spent several weeks collecting ore.

When did Martin Frobisher set sail for England?

Frobisher set sail on June 3, 1578, and landed at Frobisher Bay in early July. He and his men failed to establish a settlement as a result of dissension and discontent, and they all returned to England with 1,350 tons of ore.

How did Martin Frobisher get money for his expedition?

Determined to find a Northwest Passage, Frobisher worked for five years to obtain funding for his expedition. He convinced the Muscovy Company, an English merchant consortium, and its director, Michael Lok, to license him and then raised enough money for three ships.

What did Martin Frobisher do in the Siege of Brest?

In September 1594, Frobisher led a squadron of ships that besieged Morlaix and forced its surrender. The following month he was engaged with the squadron in the siege and relief of Brest, where he received a gunshot wound to his thigh during the Siege of Fort Crozon, a Spanish-held fortress.