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What was Minute Maid Park before?

What was Minute Maid Park before?

Houston’s downtown ballpark was originally named Enron Field on April 7, 1999, and was renamed Astros Field on February 27, 2002, by agreement of the Houston Astros and Enron Corp. The Minute Maid Company is an operating unit of The Coca-Cola Company and the flagship of its worldwide fruit beverage business.

When was Minute Maid Park built?

Minute Maid Park

Scoreboard 54 feet (16.5 m) high by 124 feet (37.8 m) wide
Broke ground November 1, 1997
Opened March 30, 2000 (Exhibition) April 7, 2000 (Regular Season)
Renovated 2010 (Off season) 2017 (Off season)

How old is the Minute Maid Park?

21c. 2000
Minute Maid Park/Age

When did the Astrodome close?


Broke ground January 3, 1962
Opened April 9, 1965
Renovated 1988, 1989
Closed 2008

Where is the World Series this year?

Minute Maid Park
Truist Park
2021 World Series/Location

What time does Minute Maid Park open?

Gates open at 4:30 p.m. Game time is 6:05 p.m. The status of the retractable roof on Minute Maid Park is determined by the Houston Astros organization approximately three to five hours before the gates are opened.

Where is Minute Maid Park in Houston TX?

Minute Maid Park is located in Downtown Houston in a centralized area of the city, and accessible via a short driving distance on Interstate 10 (Katy Freeway/East Freeway), Interstate 69 (Southwest Freeway/Eastex Freeway), and Interstate 45 (Gulf Freeway/North Freeway).

Where is Minute Maid Stadium in Houston?

Minute Maid Park is a stadium located in Houston, Texas. Minute Maid Park is currently home to the MLB team the Houston Astros. The stadium opened on April 7, 2000 with the construction taking just over two years at a cost of just over $250 million, $340 million in today’s dollars.