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What were positive consequences of the Spanish encomienda system?

What were positive consequences of the Spanish encomienda system?

Most of the positives of this system were on the Spanish side. The encomienda system allowed the Conquistadors to get rewarded for their role in conquering New Spain. It also was a good way of extracting wealth from the land.

What was the encomienda system and how did the Spaniards benefit from it?

The encomienda system was put in place in several areas, most importantly in Peru. Under the encomienda system, prominent Spaniards were entrusted with Native Peruvian communities. In exchange for the stolen labor of Indigenous people and tribute, the Spanish lord would provide protection and education.

What did Encomienda provide for Spain?

what did the encomienda system provide for New Spain? a cheap labor source. What prompted a wave of new businesses and trade practices in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries? New wealth and the growth of overseas trade.

What are the advantages of the concept of Encomienda?

The benefits to the Encomendoros were substantial. For almost no toil, they reaped the benefits of native wealth and labor and had the backing of the Spanish crown if things got violent. This was also the first major law brought to the New World where prior to this system war, disease and turmoil were the rule of law.

How would Spain benefit from the conquest?

Spain gained goods from America such as gold and silver, and they also used Native Americans to farm for them. How did Spain benefit from the conquest and colonization of the Americas? Native Americans mostly worked for the conquerors, but if a Native had died, they would be replaced by an African.

What was the significance of encomienda system?

Here is more about the significance of the encomienda system. The encomienda system was a method by which the Spanish crown rewarded colonial settlers by entrusting them with a group of natives whom they would civilize and convert to Christianity , in return for gifts in the form of labor, taxes, or goods as tribute.

How did the encomienda system affect native society?

The ecomienda system affects the native society by giving them burden in work. This system will make the natives work more number of hours but paid only a little or paid nothing at all. The natives were abuse by the person in authority.

What were the results of the encomienda system?

The encomienda system allowed for a vast accumulation of wealth by the conquistadors and the Spanish crown. They benefited from the discovery of gold and silver in the New World, and the mining of those metals by their laborers. The system resulted in the widespread abuse of indigenous peoples, as well as the theft of their land.

Who created the encomienda system?

The encomienda system was created by the Spanish to control and regulate American Indian labor and behavior during the colonization of the Americas.