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What would you do if you had the power to be invisible?

What would you do if you had the power to be invisible?


  1. If i had a super power to be invisible,
  2. I would travel all around the world for free , I would go to expensive countries like Europe and London without anyone noticing me.
  3. I would play pranks at my friends and people by weird sounds and noises without being caught by them.

Which superpower would you choose to fly or to be invisible?

With a difference of almost three to one, 72% of our leaders chose the ability to fly over being invisible (28%). When we looked at the data by position we discovered that 76% of top managers selected the ability to fly, as compared to only 71% of individual contributors.

Why is invisibility a good superpower?

Another benefit to the invisibility superpower is being able to see what others do not. Being invisible gave me such an insight. Sitting back meant being able to truly listen but also to watch, and it’s amazing what you can learn. You see all the beauty in people, suddenly they are open and exposed.

Would you like to become invisible What advantages and?

Yes, I would like to become invisible but only if I could get back to normal. It would be a unique and adventurous experience. I would be able to free people caught in the vicious circle of crime, help the police catch criminals and help the deprived sections of the society.

What superpowers would suck?

15 Superpowers That Would Suck In Real Life

  • 15 Strength.
  • 14 Flight.
  • 13 X-Ray Vision.
  • 12 Invisibility.
  • 11 Teleportation.
  • 10 Invulnerability.
  • 9 Weather Control.
  • 8 Shape-Shifting.

What are the advantages of becoming invisible?

“Invisibility opens doors, creates opportunity, where none seemed to exist before. When we are unseen, we have an enormous advantage in moving in, doing things we wish or need to do, and in the process, to change the very dynamic of existing, seemingly closed, patterns.”

What can you do with the power of invisibility?

The user can move about an environment unseen by others and act without being observed. Some users can choose to let certain people see them, while staying invisible to others. Invisibility Cancellation and Invisibility Awareness are direct counters to this power. Users of several vision powers can detect the user.

When do people become invisible in the world?

If we use our magical power for the benefit of humanity, it would be justice with the magical power. In this world, people only become invisible when they die, but if they did good works and deeds in their lives, it really makes them more than a super natural power.

What should I do if I become invisible?

One day, if I become invisible, firstly, I will thank God for choosing me and giving me the opportunity to put the things to right. I will use my power in the most fruitful manner proving a blessing to the humanity. My ambition would neither be the riches nor power. I would just simply help people in need like the superheroes in the movies.

Why do people want to use invisibility spells?

There are many reasons why a human being may want to become invisible using invisibility spells. Sometimes you may want to do it for fun. At other times something could embarrass you so much that you may start to believe that being invisible is the only answer to your problems.