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When was Shepherds Bush built?

When was Shepherds Bush built?

Four years later, in 1914, the original Shepherd’s Bush station (built in 1867) closed, replaced by two new stations which opened on 1 April 1914.

When was Stratford Westfield built?

September 13, 2011
Westfield Stratford City/Opened

Where was the first Westfield shopping Centre built?

The Westfield Group had origins in the western suburbs of Sydney. The first development was named “Westfield Place”, and opened in July 1959 in Blacktown. The name Westfield is derived from “west” related to the West Sydney location, and “field” due to having located on subdivided farmland.

What is the biggest indoor shopping Centre in UK?

The 5 Largest Indoor Shopping Centres In The UK

  • The Metrocentre, Gateshead. The Metrocentre in Gateshead was first opened in 1986 and 25 years later it still holds the title of Europe’s biggest shopping centre.
  • The Trafford Centre, Manchester.
  • Bluewater, Kent.
  • Merry Hill, West Midlands.
  • Westfield, London.

What is the history of Shepherds Bush?

Shepherd’s Bush probably derives its name from some prominent shrub on the triangular green where shepherds used to rest their flocks on their way to market in London. Stations have opened and closed at Shepherd’s Bush since 1844 but the first really useful halt was built on the Hammersmith & City Railway in 1864.

How long did it take to build Westfield Shepherds Bush?

five years
The project took five years to build, employing 8,000 people.

Who built Stratford?

In 1135 the Cistercian Order founded Stratford Langthorne Abbey, also known as West Ham Abbey. This became one of the largest and most wealthy monasteries in England, owning 1,500 acres (610 hectares) in the immediate area and 20 manors throughout Essex.

Which Westfield is bigger in London?

Stratford City
List of shopping centres in the United Kingdom by size

Rank Shopping Centre Area (m2)
1 Westfield London 235,900
2 Metrocentre 192,900
3 Trafford Centre 188,000
4 Westfield Stratford City 184,100

When was Westfield founded?


Westfield, Indiana
State Indiana
County Hamilton
Founded 1834

When did Westfield go public?

In 1960, Westfield was listed as a public company on the Sydney Stock Exchange (ASX) and began developing shopping centres in Australia before establishing a business in the United States in 1976. It later expanded to New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Europe.

When did Westfield Central line tube station open?

The station, which opened on 28 September 2008, is located on the southern side of the Westfield centre, next to the Central line tube station. The opening of the station was delayed by several months when the finished platform was found to be 18 inches narrower than the required width.

How long did it take to build Westfield London?

The project took five years to build, employing 8,000 people. On the 7th of July 2015, Mohammed Rehman and Sana Ahmed Khan planned to explode a bomb which consisted of 10 kg of urea nitrate inside the shopping centre.

How big is the Westfield Shopping Centre in London?

In 2008 the Westfield London shopping centre opened its doors on the former White City exhibition site. With a retail floor area of 150,000m², it was reported to be the largest shopping centre in London, and the third-largest in Britain.

Who are the construction engineers for Westfield London?

The development was built by Westfield Construction, the developer’s own construction arm and was delivered on schedule. Robert Bird Group were the structural engineers for the job.