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Where do I mail my MO state tax return?

Where do I mail my MO state tax return?

If you are due a refund, mail to: Department of Revenue, P.O. Box 500, Jefferson City, MO 65106-0500. If you have an amount due, mail to Department of Revenue, P.O. Box 329, Jefferson City, MO 65107-0329.

What is Missouri Department of Revenue Taxation Division?

The Taxation Division administers Missouri’s tax laws. It processes and administers forms and reports for the collection of revenue due the state and local taxing jurisdictions. The Income Tax Bureau administers Individual, Corporate, Property Tax Credit, Fiduciary, and Partnership taxes.

Where do I fax my Missouri Medicaid application?

Submit documents or applications along with your date of birth and SSN or DCN by:

  • Email: [email protected].
  • Fax: 573-526-9400.
  • Mail: Family Support Division. PO Box 2700. Jefferson City, MO 65102.

How do I contact Missouri Medicaid?

Missouri Medicaid (MO HealthNet)

  1. Managed Care Health Plans:
  2. MO HealthNet Case Information: 800-392-1261.
  3. MO HealthNet Constituent Services: 800-392-2161.
  4. MO HealthNet Service Center: 855-373-4636.
  5. Managed Care Enrollment Helpline: 800-348-6627.
  6. Third Party Liability Unit: 573-751-2005.
  7. MO HealthNet Division: 573-751-3425.

Do I need to send a copy of my federal return with my Missouri state return?

Yes, you’ll need to attach a copy of your Federal Tax Return with your Missouri Tax Return.

How do I file a protest with Missouri Department of Revenue?

You must also submit a protest payment affidavit form to the Department within 30 days after you make your payment. You can obtain protest payment affidavit forms at You should include copies of any documents that you would like the department to consider when reviewing your protest.

Where is the Missouri Department of Revenue?

Jefferson City
The Department of Revenue’s Central Office is located in Jefferson City, but there are offices all over Missouri to assist you with your motor vehicle titling and registration or driver license transactions.

How do I file my KC income tax return?

If you believe you have overpaid your taxes, you may file for a refund through Quick Tax or by mail. Be sure to include all income information and any supporting documentation. To check the status of a refund, use Quick Tax, email [email protected], or call 816-513-1120.

Can I fax my food stamp application?

An individual must fill out and submit an application to our agency to be considered for SNAP benefits. In writing: Print and mail or fax the SNAP Application and How to Complete the SNAP Application forms to your local department of social services. Completed applications can be faxed to 858-6834.

How do I check my Missouri Medicaid status?

To find out if your coverage is active you can contact your local Family Support Division or call the MO HealthNet Participant Services Unit at 1-800-392-2161 or 573/751-6527.

Where can I make a claim in Missouri?

Missouri Connections for Health provides the services for the CLAIM program through a contract with the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance (DCI). Funding is provided by the Administration for Community Living with oversight by DCI. CLAIM services are free, unbiased and confidential. We are not an insurance agency.

Where do I Send my Missouri tax return?

Send all required documentation to Missouri Department of Revenue, P.O. Box 2200, Jefferson City, Missouri 65105-2200. Will I receive interest on my refund from my Missouri Individual Income Tax Return or Property Tax Credit Claim?

How to claim Missouri income as a nonresident?

As a nonresident, you may be able to claim a Missouri income percentage, reducing your Missouri tax liability by taxing you only on your Missouri source income. Complete Form MO-NRI and submit a copy of your federal return and all W-2 form (s) with your Missouri return.

How to file individual income tax in Missouri?

If you are required to file an individual income tax return or want to file to get a refund of taxes withheld, use Form MO-PTS (not Form MO-PTC) with Form MO-1040P. Short Form Book – If you filed a paper return last year and qualified to use one of the Missouri short forms, you should receive a Form MO-1040A or MO-1040P.