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Where was the flute made?

Where was the flute made?

The first flute was made in Germany in 1830. Why did they change the flute from wood to metal? The people were tired of it and it didn’t last that long. So Theobald Boehm thought of a flute that could be metal and that is how it changed.

Where were the first flutes found and what were they made of?

Researchers have identified what they say are the oldest-known musical instruments in the world. The flutes, made from bird bone and mammoth ivory, come from a cave in southern Germany which contains early evidence for the occupation of Europe by modern humans – Homo sapiens.

Where did the Native American flute originate?

Richard Payne, an authority on this subject, believed that what we now call the ‘Plains style’ Native American flute originated with the Northern Ute tribe. These early Plains style flutes were made of wood. They had the duct cut into the body of the flute. Examples of these flutes were collected in the 1820s.

Where was the oldest flute found?

Divje babe cave
The oldest musical instrument in the world, a 60,000-year-old Neanderthal flute is a treasure of global significance. It was discovered in Divje babe cave near Cerkno and has been declared by experts to have been made by Neanderthals.

What is a Native American flute called?

Native American flute

Native American flute crafted by Chief Arthur Two-Crows, 1987
Woodwind instrument
Other names Native American style flute, courting flute, love flute, and many others
Classification Woodwind Wind Aerophone

What cultures use flutes?

Various other pre-historic flutes have also been found in parts of China, Sumeria, India and North America confirming that the flute is not only the oldest among instruments but also was the most popular among our ancient ancestors.

Who makes the best flute?

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Who invented the first flute?

Flutes carved out of bone have been dated to 37,000 years BC. The modern flute as we know it was invented by Theobald Boehm in 1847.

What was the first flute?

Cedar flutes of modern design are thought to have been used first by the Sioux. The First Flute. Long ago a young man saw a young woman in his village and longed to find some way to talk to her. He was too shy to approach her directly. She was the daughter of a chief and it was well known that she was very proud.

What country is the flute from?

The first flute was found in Germany approximately 35,000 years ago, where it was claimed to be the first instrument ever created (“History and Development”). The flute has been made with many different materials including bone, wood, glass, ivory, nickel, silver, and gold (“History and Development”).