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Which is correct neither of us are capable of winning?

Which is correct neither of us are capable of winning?

mango file Neither of us is capable of winning. In this structure, the singular verb is used in formal English. mango file Neither of us are capable of winning. The plural verb is acceptable in informal spoken English.

Is it either of us or neither of us?

‘Neither of us’ is understood as ‘neither one of us’ and is treated as singular. From the Commnet “Guide to Grammar and Writing”: The pronouns neither and either are singular and require singular verbs even though they seem to be referring, in a sense, to two things. Neither of the two traffic lights is working.

Which is correct grammar neither of us is or neither of us are?

Informal: Neither of us is / are correct. Formal: Neither of us is correct. Informal: Neither of them is / are wrong.

Is it either of you or either of you?

“Either of you,” if addressed to two individuals, refers to only one of them, and the verb should therefore be the singular form, matching “either.” Therefore, “has” is correct. The verb does not match “you” because “you” is the object of the preposition “of.” “Of you” modifies “either.” , Advanced Learner of English.

Is either of them or are either of them?

It should be “either of them is”. Because either indicates a choice of one option, it takes singular forms. It should also be “any of them is.

What does either of us mean?

adj presenting an unavoidable need to choose between two alternatives. an either-or situation.

When to use either or any?

Either refers to two only. Any means any of all restaurants. It doesn’t mean we cannot go to any of them.

Is the both of us grammatically correct?

Yes, certainly “both of us” can be correct, both in usage and grammar, because the word “us” can indicate which two individuals from a group of more than two. Thus used, “both of us” is grammatically correct, as is “…the both of us”, “for us both”, “by us both” “to us both”, “ between the both of us”, and so on.