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Which planet has the fastest revolution time?

Which planet has the fastest revolution time?

Answer: Mercury is the winner at an orbital speed of about 47.87 km/s (107,082 miles per hour), which is a period of about 87.97 Earth days.

How long does each planet take to complete one revolution?

A year is the time it takes the earth to make one revolution – a little over 365 days….The Days (And Years) Of Our Lives.

Planet Rotation Period Revolution Period
Mercury 58.6 days 87.97 days
Venus 243 days 224.7 days
Earth 0.99 days 365.26 days
Mars 1.03 days 1.88 years

What planet has the slowest revolution?

Venus is the slowest revolving planet in our solar system, rotating once every 243 days, making… |

How long does it take Neptune to complete one revolution?

One day on Neptune takes about 16 hours (the time it takes for Neptune to rotate or spin once). And Neptune makes a complete orbit around the Sun (a year in Neptunian time) in about 165 Earth years (60,190 Earth days).

Which planet has the slowest revolution that is the longest year?

Jupiter has the shortest revolution period and Venus has the longest.

How long does it take Pluto to make one revolution?

248 Earth years
Pluto takes 248 Earth years to make one revolution around the sun. That means one year on Pluto is about 248 Earth years. Pluto takes 6 1/2 Earth days/nights to rotate, so one day on Pluto is about 6 1/2 days/nights on Earth. Pluto has five known moons.

How long does it take the Mars to complete one revolution?

The Earth zips around the Sun at about 67,000 miles per hour, making a full revolution in about 365 days – one year on Earth. Mars is a little slower, and farther from the sun, so a full circuit takes 687 Earth days – or one Mars year.

Why does it take longer for Earth to complete one revolution?

The reason for the difference in the year lengths of the different years is due to the fact that the Earth’s orbit is constantly changing due to precession and the gravitational pull of the other planets. In fact none of the planets orbit around the Sun.

What planet has the longest period of revolution?

Planet Neptune has the longest period of revolution, Nearly 164.8 Earth years for evolving the Sun from a distance of about 4493 million kilometers away from the Sun. Earlier it was Pluto.

Which planet has the longest orbital period?

Given its distance from the Sun, Neptune has the longest orbital period of any planet in the Solar System. As such, a year on Neptune is the longest of any planet, lasting the equivalent of 164.8 years (or 60,182 Earth days).

What is Venus’s orbit period?

The planet’s orbital period is 224.65 days, which means that a year on Venus is 61.5% as long as a year on Earth.

What is the period of Revolution of planets?

The period of revolution is known as a year on that planet. The time it takes for a planet to complete one revolution depends on the distance between the planet and the star. On Earth, a period of revolution lasts 365 days or one year.