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Who are eligible for Railway pass?

Who are eligible for Railway pass?

Guardian is included in school pass when issued to boys up to 18 years of age and girls of any age. It is issued up to 6 singles per year in the class in which the Railway servant is eligible on privilege account….

Pass Adult Child
I class 70kgs 35kgs
II class pass 50kgs 25kgs
Attendant 50kgs 25kgs

Who are dependents of Railway employees?

Widowed mother residing with and wholly dependent on the Railway Employee. Unmarried/Divorced sister of the Railway Employee. Brothers below 21 years….Family for Passes

  • Wife/Husband whether earning or not.
  • son or sons under 21 years who are wholly dependent.
  • son or sons of the age of 21 and above who are;

What is Railway pass rule?

Widow/Post retirement pass holder above 65 years can take a companion as per rules. All I/I ‘A’/II ‘A’ Passes to serving and retired Railway employees are valid. Attendant not permitted….Entitlements of Passes/PTOs.

Category Privilege Pass & PTO Duty Pass
Gazetted Officers A & B Ist Class ‘A’ Pass Ist Class ‘A’ Pass
Non-Gazetted employees

How many members are included in privilege pass?

than 3 sets and not less than one set of Privilege passes, the facility of First Class pass along with an escort in the same class, may be allowed in 1 set of pass. (2) Non-gazetted physically handicapped Railway employees who become entitled for First Class Pass, under pay.

Can I get railway pass online?

The e-pass needs to be saved on the applicants’ mobile phones, and produced at ticket counters to get the monthly railway pass. However, those who apply online, do not need to separately do the verification process offline at railway stations, and can directly avail the railway pass at ticket counters.

What is residential card pass in railway?

Will be issued to those railway servants who reside away from the place of work to travel by rail between their place of residence and their place of work, over the sections where this facility was in vogue prior to 14.12.

What type of leave is the duty pass acceptable with duty time?

1. Duty Passes are not admissible during leave other than casual leave taken in continuation of period of duty.

What is first class pass in railway?

First Class Pass entitles the holder to: (i) Carry one attendant in Second Class; (ii) Travel in any Class other-than First AC; (iii) Travel in AC sleeper class without payment of any extra fare; (iv) Travel in First AC class on payment of full difference between First AC and AC sleeper class fare; and (v) To carry 70 …

What is second class railway pass?

2nd Class `A’ Pass *. * In terms of the extant instructions, the holder of II Class `A’ Pass shall be entitled to travel by AC-3 tier class in trains other than Rajdhani / Shatabdi / Duronto Exp. Trains. IInd Class `A’ Pass is of Yellow Colour.

How do I get a train E-pass?

How to get a Universal Travel e-pass:

  1. Visit the link– https://
  2. Click on “Travel Pass for Vaccinated Citizens”
  3. Mention your mobile number used during CoWin registration.
  4. An OTP (One Time Password) will be received via text.
  5. Enter this OTP.
  6. Select the ‘Generate Pass’ option.

How long can an Indian railway employee take care of a child?

Maximum for a period of 2 years (730 days) during the entire service. It may be allowed for third year as Leave not Due without production of medical certificate. For taking care upto 2 children. Admissible for 2 eldest surviving children only.

When do railway employees have to be transferred?

Certain posts are identified as sensitive in view of the Railway employee coming into contact with public /contractors or handling pay bills/passes etc. These categories of Railwaymen will be transferred after 4 years of service in a station.

When is a dependant eligible for rail travel?

A Dependant is eligible to receive rail staff travel facilities from the same day as the Employee’s eligibility commences, or the date of acceptance by RST of an Add Child Form and any further required evidence of eligibility, whichever is the later.

How old do you have to be to work on a train?

A Dependant aged between 18 and 24 years only remains eligible to rail staff travel facilities if they: attend an educational establishment on a full time basis for school or advanced education, or attend an educational establishment for school or advanced education or are undertaking an apprenticeship, and