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Who can help me with IRS debt?

Who can help me with IRS debt?

Hire an attorney. If you owe more than $10,000, consider hiring a tax attorney to negotiate with the IRS. Payment plans differ, and an experienced attorney can help you get better terms. They can also help you avoid having a tax lien being assessed against you, which will damage your credit.

Who is the most reputable tax relief company?

Recap of the tax relief companies above

Company Our Rating Our Pick
Tax Hardship Center 4.95/5 Best overall
Anthem Tax Services 4.6/5 Best money-back guarantee
Community Tax 4.65/5 Best for small debts
Optima Tax Relief 4.85/5 Best for experience

Is the a tax debt relief program legitimate?

Signs of a tax-debt-relief scam While there may be legitimate tax-debt-relief companies, there are also plenty of scammers. The Federal Trade Commission says that a company demanding payment before doing anything for you is a sign of a scam.

How can I get relief from tax debt?

You can apply for the IRS government payment plan called an Offer in Compromise (OIC) to resolve the remaining amount. Depending on your financial capacity and upon acceptance, the IRS significantly reduces the total debt that you can pay. This reduced amount can be paid in a lump sum or in fixed monthly payments.

How do I choose a tax relief company?

How to Choose a Tax Relief Company

  1. Full fee disclosure during your first call.
  2. Ask how the tax professionals will determine which tax relief programs you might qualify for.
  3. Be sure the tax professional you would work with is a tax attorney, CPA, former IRS agent or an enrolled agent.

Is there a federal tax forgiveness program?

What Is the IRS Debt Forgiveness Program? The IRS offers several relief options for taxpayers who owe unpaid taxes. Offer in Compromise (OIC) is a settlement option that qualifies some taxpayers to pay far less than what they actually owe to the IRS.

What is the best company for debt relief?

CuraDebt is the leading debt counselling companies in the USA offering debt consolidation, debt settlement and tax debt relief. The company is our pick for the best debt relief & debt consolidation company 2019 because of their ease of business and customer service.

Do tax relief companies really work?

Yes, it does work effectively. If you are really having issues with your tax and facing difficulties with the IRS, contact with a tax relief company right away to get solutions. This type of company helps people with tax bills and penalties with different legal actions.

What does a tax relief company do for You?

A tax relief company can help you prepare tax returns to file with the state government and IRS. Tax preparation services typically include filing a paper or electronic tax return.

How to get relief on tax debt?

Take action sooner rather than later. The longer you leave it,the harder it will be to pay it back.

  • Work out how much you can pay. Factor in what you can comfortably pay without causing your business to suffer as a result.
  • Contact the ATO directly.