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Who died on July 18th 2008?

Who died on July 18th 2008?


  • Yardley Chittick, 107, American patent attorney, injuries sustained in a fall.
  • Tauno Marttinen, 95, Finnish composer.
  • Khosrow Shakibai, 64, Iranian actor, liver cancer.
  • Dennis Townhill, 83, British chorister and organist.
  • Peter Welsh, 54, Australian footballer (Hawthorn, Richmond), cancer.

What was the# 1 song on July 18 2008?

I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry.

What sign is July 18?

Being Born on July 18 The zodiac sign for July 18 is Cancer.

Was July 18th a Saturday?

How often does the 18th day of a month fall on a Saturday….When is Saturday the 18th?

Saturday the 18th occurrences Year 2020
Date Saturday, July 18, 2020
Month July
Since last + 3 months

What celebrity died on July 18th?

The Most Historically Significant Person Who Died on this Day is Jane Austen.

Who died in May 2008?

May 2008

  • Paulo Amaral, 84, Brazilian football player (Flamengo) and coach (Juventus).
  • SM Nasimuddin SM Amin, 54, Malaysian entrepreneur and founder of Naza, lung cancer.
  • Bernard Archard, 91, British actor (Krull, Doctor Who, Emmerdale).
  • Buzzie Bavasi, 93, American baseball executive (Dodgers, Angels, Padres).

What was the longest running #1 pop song in 2008?

Rapper Flo Rida’s “Low” was the first number one of the year, and the longest-running single in 2008, staying at number one for 10 consecutive weeks. It is the longest stay at the top for a single since R&B singer Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” reigned for 10 straight weeks starting in late 2006.

Who Sing We belong together?

Mariah Carey
We Belong Together/Artists

What does it mean to be born on July 18?

By: Jill M. July 18 Cancers are high-energy individuals with a psychic bent. They understand the ways karmic forces can facilitate self-realization. Deeply in touch with their own subconscious drives, they’re usually able to achieve their aims through focusing on those inner desires.

Who are born on 18th July?

Here are some of the notable people celebrating birthdays today, including Elizabeth McGovern, James Brolin, Joe Torre, Kristen Bell, Martha Reeves, Priyanka Chopra, Vin Diesel and more.

What is July 18th famous for?

July 18th

  • 1976 Nadia Comaneci Perfect 10.
  • 1922 U.S.A. Mineworkers Strike.
  • 1925 Germany Mein Kampf.
  • 1936 Spanish Civil War.
  • 1948 France Juan Manuel Fangio.
  • 1969 U.S.A. Chappaquiddick.
  • 1981 Ireland Hunger Strike Protest.
  • 1984 U.S.A. McDonalds Murders.

What celebrity birthday is July 18th?