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Who founded the ACS?

Who founded the ACS?

Robert Finley
American Colonization Society/Founders
On December 21, 1816, Robert Finley, a Presbyterian minister from New Jersey, initiated the founding of the society. He laid out his goal of establishing an African colony at a meeting of powerful white supporters, including Henry Clay and Francis Scott Key.

What role did William Lloyd Garrison play in the abolitionist movement quizlet?

Who is William Lloyd Garrison and what did he do? He was one of the first white abolitionists for the immediate freeing of slaves. He formed the New England Antislavery Society and founded his own newspaper, the Liberator. They freed their own family slaves.

What role did the American Colonization Society play in the anti slavery debate?

The society’s program focused on purchasing and freeing slaves, paying their passage (and that of free blacks) to the west coast of Africa, and assisting them after their arrival there.

What groups founded the American Anti-Slavery Society in 1833 describe William Lloyd Garrison’s statement in the first issue of The Liberator?

In 1833, abolitionists Theodore Weld, Arthur Tappan, and Lewis Tappan founded the American Anti-Slavery Society. These men provided local and state antislavery societies, including the Ohio Anti-Slavery Society, with an organization that could take their cause to the national level.

What was the name of Garrison’s anti-slavery newspaper quizlet?

The Liberator was William Lloyd Garrison’s antislavery paper. it delivered uncompromising demand: immediate emancipation. – The Liberator was an anti-slavery newspaper published by William Lloyd Garrison and Isaac Knapp beginning in 1831.

When did Sierra Leone abolish slavery?

Domestic slavery was abolished in Sierra Leone in 1928. McCulloch reports that at that time, amongst Sierra Leone’s largest present-day ethnolinguistic group, the Mende, who then had about 560,000 people, about 15 per cent of the population (i.e., 84,000 people) were domestic slaves.