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Who is Rukia Kuchiki in love with?

Who is Rukia Kuchiki in love with?

Nevertheless, throughout the series, we got many hints of romantic feelings between the now canon couples: Ichigo and Orihime, and Rukia with Renji. How things ended was a point of contention for IchiRuki fans, but with a closer look one realizes that this was how it was meant to be.

Is Kuchiki Rukia dead?

Rukia meets Ichigo in the midst of a hollow attack. Kurosaki ultimately arrives in Soul Society in time to stop her execution, and tries to get her to safety. During the arc, Rukia’s past is explored. She died as an infant and was sent to Soul Society with her older sister, Hisana.

Does Rukia have feelings for Ichigo?

Originally Answered: Does Rukia really like Ichigo? As a friend, yes. As a romantic lover, no. There’s more evidence of Rukia liking Ichigo as a friend than there is as a romantic lover.

Is Rukia adopted?

Rukia is adopted into the Kuchiki clan because of a promise that Byakuya made to his wife Hisana: to find Hisana’s sister and take care of her.

Does Orihime kiss Ichigo?

When Orihime and Tatsuki were attacked by a Hollow, Orihime revealed her own latent spiritual powers and defeated it. Orihime sneaks into Ichigo’s room while he’s sleeping and confesses her love for him. She also tried kissing him in his sleep, but backed away at the last second out of shyness.

Is Kaien really dead?

Kaien explains that the night he died, his spiritual body completely disintegrated away and went to Hueco Mundo, where it regenerated itself and that he went to Hueco Mundo because the Hollow that took over his body was one of Sōsuke Aizen’s experiments.

What kind of person is Rukia Kuchiki?

Rukia Kuchiki is a very straight forward person most of the time. She almost always gives Ichigo a hard time over how he behaves, speaks her mind, and follows what she believes. She is also very bossy, taking little time to tell others, usually Ichigo, how things need to be done.

Who is Rukia Kuchiki married to in Heroes?

At the end of the manga, she becomes Captain of the 13th Division, having formerly served as the Lieutenant under Jushirō Ukitake, Rukia later married Renji Abarai and gave birth to their first and only daughter, Ichika Abarai.

Who are Rukia Kuchiki and Byakuya Abarai’s parents?

Rukia is the sister-in-law of Byakuya Kuchiki, the younger sister of Hisana Kuchiki, the wife of Renji Abarai, the mother of Ichika Arabai, and a female friend of Ichigo Kurosaki.

How tall is Rukia Kuchiki in Soul Reaper?

Height: 4’7″. Weight: 73 lbs. Rukia dresses like any other Soul Reaper, wearing the traditional black kimono and pants along with sandals and her zanpakuto. Rukia is on the short side as far as she compares to most of the other characters.