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Who is the God King CoD?

Who is the God King CoD?

The God-King is a giant albino zombie and ancient ruler of the Thulian civilization. He was killed and sealed by the original Raven Lords: An’heist, Talrek, Lu’roth and Sang’ket (chosen by the original Rook) millennia ago, during prehistorical times.

What is the Brenner head used for?

Basically, the Brenner Head acts as lamp that reveals secrets in CoD WW2 Zombies. Pressing the aim button while carrying the Brenner Head will cause it to shine a purple light on objects. Firstly, you can acquire a Brenner Head by killing flamethrower-wielding zombies.

What is a Brenner zombie?

Brenners are large zombies equipped with large fuel tanks on their backs and a flamethrower which replaces its right arm, they also wear typical German Stahlhelms alongside a gas mask which covers their mouths. An Axe is seen in place of the Brenner’s left arm; it is its secondary weapon.

Can you beat zombies in WW2?

Return to the surface, where you see a huge Zepellin in the sky. It’ll shoot at you and you should return the fire, aiming at the red glowing areas. Hit it enough and it’ll drop a generator to the ground. Head to where it fell and charge it with the souls of the zombies you kill there.

What happens after you beat the boss in WW2 zombies?

Now, collect the sword hilt to activate the boss fight with Panzermorder. Once you’ve done that three times, you will defeat Panzermorder. This will unlock the true ending cutscene that’s different from the casual Easter Egg one, and you will unlock the Dark Reunion achievement/trophy.

What is the Panzermorder?

The Panzermörder is the final boss in the Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies map The Final Reich. Its name translates into “armor-killer”, which may allude to the fact that he drops the player’s armor very rapidly.

How do you get the Tesla gun in WW2?

Follow the hilt and kill zombies inside the red circle of light to charge it. It will continue to move on the track to the Laboratory and the Morgue. Eventually, the hilt will reach a large glowing device inside the Laboratory and the Morgue. Wait 20-30~ seconds and the device will produce a Tesla Gun part.

Is there a ray gun in WW2 zombies?

The Ray Gun is available in all Zombies maps in Call of Duty: World at War available only in the Mystery Box. As well, the Ray Gun can hit multiple zombies at once, courtesy of its splash damage.