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Who owns Old Bag of Nails?

Who owns Old Bag of Nails?

Michael Purdum –
Michael Purdum – Owner – Old Bag of Nails Pub | LinkedIn.

How many old bag of nails are there?

That’s a fact. But with 15 locations we’ve got room for everyone.

Why are nails called old bags?

I called my pub “The Old Bag of Nails” because the first one was in an empty hardware store. My great-uncle Gaylord called his pub “The Cauliflower Blowfish” and I don’t have the foggiest notion why. And every day people stop by for great food, great spirits and an occasional hammer.

What kind of fish does old bag of nails use?

Atlantic Salmon, char-grilled or blackened.

Does Cameron Mitchell own rusty bucket?

A sister company of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, Rusty Bucket is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, with 23 locations in neighborhoods across Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Indiana, North Carolina and Colorado.

Does old bag of nails still have all you can eat shrimp?

I came for the Wednesday special, all u can eat shrimp. All very good and very much all you can eat. Recommend ordering a draft beer to wash it down!

Who owns Mitchells Ocean Club?

Cameron Mitchell
The group’s Ocean Prime concept opened in Troy, Michigan in June 2008 and has locations in Columbus, (under the name Mitchell’s Ocean Club), and in thirteen other cities across the United States….Cameron Mitchell Restaurants.

Corporate offices
Industry Hospitality
Founded 1993
Founder Cameron Mitchell
Headquarters Columbus, Ohio , United States

Who is Cameron Mitchell’s wife?

Margaret Brock Johnson Mozingom. 1973–1976
Lissa Mitchellm. 1957–1973Johanna Mitchellm. 1940–1960
Cameron Mitchell/Wife

Who owns Ocean Prime Naples?

Cameron Mitchell Restaurants
Ocean Prime is a steakhouse and seafood restaurant concept owned by Cameron Mitchell Restaurants that currently consists of nine restaurants in eight states.

How many restaurants does Cameron Mitchell own?

39 restaurants
While remaining independent and privately held, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants has grown to 39 restaurants and 18 different concepts with locations in 12 states.

What killed Cameron Mitchell?

Lung cancer
Cameron Mitchell/Cause of death

Is actor Cameron Mitchell still alive?

Deceased (1918–1994)
Cameron Mitchell/Living or Deceased

Is there an old bag of Nails pub?

Yes, Old Bag of Nails Pub offers takeout services. Does Old Bag of Nails Pub offer delivery? Yes, Old Bag of Nails Pub offers delivery services. How is Old Bag of Nails Pub rated?

Where is old bag of nails in Michigan?

Work will start soon on a two-story, 10,000-square-foot Old Bag of Nails in Lansing, Michigan. That restaurant is part of Columbus-based Continental Real Estate’s Red Cedar project connecting Michigan State University and the State Capitol. The overall project includes student housing, hotels, apartments and other commercial space.

When is old bag of nails in Gahanna Ohio closing?

COLUMBUS, Ohio (COLUMBUS BUSINESS FIRST)–The owner of Old Bag of Nails is closing two sites, but has a trio of new ventures in the works as well. Mike Purdum said the last day of business for his pub at Creekside in Gahanna will be Aug. 29.