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Who skated for creature?

Who skated for creature?

Photo and Video by: Creature Skateboards Pocket skateboard magazine has unveiled a new “Followed” series with professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez.

Who is Sam Hitz?

Sam Hitz is an actor, known for Blood Shed (2009), King of the Road (2016) and Flying Wild Alaska (…

What company makes creature decks?

NHS, Inc.
Creature Skateboards is a subsidiary company of Santa Cruz Skateboards, which is a part of NHS, Inc.

Who skates for Deathwish?

Featured skaters are Neen Williams, Taylor Kirby, Jamie Foy, Jake Hayes, and more—watch the mix above!

What size trucks fit a 8.25 deck?

Size Guide – Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard Truck Size Guide
Deck Size Hanger Width Axle Width
7.5 to 7.75″ 127mm / 5″ 193mm / 7.6″
7.75 to 8.25″ 137mm / 5.25″ 203mm / 8″
8.25 to 8.75″ 149mm / 6″ 215mm / 8.5″

When did creature skateboards come out?

Creature Skateboards began in 1994, founded by ex-Santa Monica Airlines team manager and artist Russ Pope (which may come as a surprise if you’re more familiar with that name from his more recent and less terror-inducing skateboard company, Transportation Unit).

Who started Santa Cruz Skateboards?

Doug Haut
Jay ShuirmanRichard Novak
NHS, Inc./Founders

Who created shake JUNT?

Shane Heyl
Shane Heyl founded the brand in mid 2000’s and it started as a small and un-organised business. The very first products were iron-on t-shirts and printed out stickers which were individually cut by scissors. Today, Shake Junt is still owned by its founder and distributed by Baker Boys Distribution since 2008.

Who are the founders of Creature Skateboards?

Distributed by NHS, Inc., Creature Skateboards was launched in 1994 by professional skateboarders Russ Pope, Jason Adams, Barket Barrett and Darren Navarrette. The company was revived in the mid-2000s.

Who are the top 10 skateboard companies in the world?

Top 10 Skateboard Brands – The-House. 1 Element Skateboards. The skateboard companies that are considered at the top include Element Skateboards. Founded by professional skateboarder Johnny 2 Plan B Skateboards. 3 Girl Skateboards. 4 Zero Skateboards. 5 Creature Skateboards.

Who are the skateboard companies at the op?

One of the skateboarding companies that are at the op is Almost Skateboards, founded by pro skateboarders Daewon Song and Rodney Mullen in 2003 and distributed by Dwindle Distribution. Both had ceased participating in their previous companies, Enjoi and Artafact, respectively.

Who is the designer of Santa Cruz Skateboard?

Skateboarders from all over know Santa Cruz Skateboards for its “Screaming Hand” logo, designed by legendary artist Jim Phillips, and the monstrous artwork displayed on the decks, including series styles such as their Star Wars and Marvel series.