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Who was governor before Jim Hodges?

Who was governor before Jim Hodges?

Jim Hodges
In office January 13, 1999 – January 15, 2003
Lieutenant Bob Peeler
Preceded by David Beasley
Succeeded by Mark Sanford

Who was the first ever Governor of South Carolina?

List of governors of South Carolina

Governor of South Carolina
Term length Four years, renewable once consecutively; afterwards, the officeholder must sit out for one term before being eligible again
Inaugural holder John Rutledge (as State, 1776) William Sayle (as Colony, 1670)
Formation Constitution of South Carolina

How many terms can a governor serve in SC?

Governor of South Carolina
Term length Four years, renewable once consecutively
Constituting instrument Constitution of South Carolina
Inaugural holder William Sayle
Formation March 15, 1670

Where did Henry McMaster go to college?

University of South Carolina School of Law1973
University of South Carolina1965–1969
Henry McMaster/College

How old is Nikki Haley?

49 years (January 20, 1972)
Nikki Haley/Age

Is Henry McMaster married?

Peggy McMasterm. 1978
Henry McMaster/Spouse
McMaster has been married to Peggy McMaster (née Anderson) since 1978. They have two adult children and reside in Columbia, South Carolina.

Who was the governor of South Carolina?

Henry McMaster (Republican Party)Since 2017
South Carolina/Governor
Governor of South Carolina. Governor Henry Dargan McMaster, a longtime public servant of South Carolina, was born May 27, 1947, in Columbia, South Carolina.

What is the capital of SC?

South Carolina/Capital

Who ran against Henry McMaster?

2018 South Carolina gubernatorial election

Nominee Henry McMaster James Smith
Party Republican Democratic
Running mate Pamela Evette Mandy Powers Norrell
Popular vote 921,342 784,182
Percentage 54.0% 45.9%