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Who was supposed to played Gabriella in High School Musical?

Who was supposed to played Gabriella in High School Musical?

Vanessa Hudgens
Gabriella, who was named for the daughter of High School Musical writer Peter Barsocchini but modeled after a girl Barsocchini met before his teenage years, is portrayed by Vanessa Hudgens in the first three films of the franchise. Hudgens had previously auditioned for other Disney Channel projects.

Who auditioned Sharpay?

At the second callback, Lucas Grabeel and Ashley Tisdale auditioned together and their Sharpay-Ryan dynamic was quickly established. Grabeel claimed that Tisdale, in a Sharpay-like manner, gave him unsolicited direction in the audition. It was rumored that the two actors did not get along in the first film.

Who auditioned for Troy Bolton?

Hunter Parrish
Drew Seeley, Corbin Bleu, and Lucas Grabeel all auditioned for the role of Troy Bolton before they were casted to their respective parts. Casting for the role was a multi-audition process, and one candidate for the role was Hunter Parrish.

Who was Ashley Tisdale in High School Musical?

Ashley Tisdale hit her stride after perfecting the drama queen persona in her role as Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical trilogy. The actress had already spent a decade in the limelight, starring in a Broadway production and appearing in commercials before landing a recurring role in the Disney sitcom The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

When did Ashley Tisdale change her hairstyles?

Ashley Tisdale began to morph physically in 2007, changing hairstyles and making bolder fashion choices. When she underwent a rhinoplasty procedure for medical reasons, many criticized the change.

When did Ashley Tisdale start her production company?

Tisdale’s production company Blondie Girl Productions, first formed in 2008, signed a multi-year production deal with Relativity Media in 2010; Tisdale would produce shows such as Miss Advised (2012) as part of the deal.

When did Ashley Tisdale guest star on Boston Public?

The following year, Tisdale appeared as a voice actor in both An All Dogs Christmas Carol (1998) and A Bug’s Life (1998). She guest starred in an episode of Boston Public in 2000, earning a 2000 Young Artist Award nomination for “Best Guest Performance in a TV Drama”.