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Why did Diana Ross get arrested?

Why did Diana Ross get arrested?

Veteran singer Diana Ross was arrested early yesterday (Dec. 30) in Tucson, Ariz., on suspicion of drunken driving, police said. A breath test showed the pop diva with a blood-alcohol level of 0.20 pe.

Has Diana Ross ever been arrested?

The singer was 60 years old when she was arrested 14 years ago today. Her popular songs include Stop! Police said the singer was twice over the drink drive limit with a blood-alcohol of 0.20, the legal limit is 0.08. Ross was cited for extreme DUI and police provided her transport home, Tucson police Sgt.

When did Diana Ross get arrested?

In 1999, Ross was arrested at an airport and charged with assaulting a security guard. She’d grabbed the guard’s breast—in retaliation, she said, for the guard touching her breasts while frisking her.

What happened to Diana Ross at the airport?

In 1999, Ross was arrested at Heathrow airport and later cautioned without charge, after she was alleged to have assaulted an airport security worker. “I don’t mind being touched, but not in this way – it was far too personal,” she later said.

When did Diana Ross get arrested for DUI?

Dec. 30, 2002 — Diana Ross was arrested for alleged drunken driving early Monday after witnesses reported seeing her vehicle swerving on a Tucson, Ariz. road, police said. A breathalyzer test showed that the singer had a blood-alcohol level of .20, more than twice Arizona’s legal limit of .08 at the time of her arrest, police said.

Why did Diana Ross get arrested at Heathrow?

That was deemed the appropriate action.” The 55-year-old diva was arrested after allegedly assaulting a female security officer who tried to body-search her while she waited in Terminal 4 to board the 10.50am Concorde flight to New York.

How did Diana Ross get out of police station?

Walking out of the Heathrow police station through a scrum of reporters this afternoon after being held for more than four hours, Ross said: “Police here are wonderful,” in response to a flurry of questions. She was whisked away in a limousine and was expected to catch a flight back to the United States.

Where did Diana Ross’s grandfather come from?

Ross’s grandfather John E. Ross, a native of Gloucester County, Virginia, was born to Washington Ross and Virginia Baytop. Virginia Baytop’s mother Francis “Frankey” Baytop was a former slave who had become a midwife after the Civil War.