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Why does Gwen get scared when she sees Max?

Why does Gwen get scared when she sees Max?

Max makes Gwen nervous because he is very big in comparison to her son Kevin, and because he looks very much like his father, who is a murderer. It is true that Max’s size in relation to Kevin’s makes Gwen nervous, but Gwen is also bothered by the resemblance she immediately recognizes between Max and his father.

How does Max know that Gwen is no longer scared of him?

How does Max know that Gwen is no longer nervous sacred of him? Max knows Gwen is no longer nervous because her hands don’t flench when he pass her the knife.

What did Max learn about Gwen when he accepted the dinner invitation?

When Max accepts Gwen’s dinner invitation in chapter five of Freak the Mighty, he learns that she was close friends with his mother and they were both pregnant at the same time.

What is Max thinking as Gwen takes Kevin home Why is this important?

The short answer to your question is that Max thinks Gwen is scared of him because of his size. However, this incident requires a bit more explanation. Kevin is in Max’s basement (which Max called his “down under”) after Max helps Kevin retrieve his flying toy from the tree. The two are starting to become friends.

Who is the fair Gwen and why is she afraid of Max?

In Freak the Might by Rodman Philbrick, the beautiful Gwen is Kevin’s mother. Kevin, or Freak as Max affectionately calls him, calls his mother the ‘Fair Gwen of Air’ because of his obsession with King Arthur and the Fair Guinevere.

How does Gwen react when she first sees Max while trying to find Freak?

What is Gwen’s first reaction when seeing Max? She is happy to see him. She tells Freak to never play with Max.

Why was Gwen speaking so fast?

Gwen says that she thought Max’s father was crazy, and pretty scary too. I think she talked so fast because she kept on thinking about what Max’s father did. Also, she wanted to make sure Max wasn’t offended about Gwen talking about both of his parents so much.

Why did the fair Gwen call Max?

While these qualities do exist in Gwen, this nickname is also a reflection of Kevin’s tendency to romanticize the people in his life. Max misinterprets this nickname due to his dyslexia, and he believes that Kevin is calling his mother “Fair Gwen of Air.” “The Fair Guinevere, from the legend of King Arthur.”

Why does Gwen invite Max to supper?

Embarrassed by her behavior, Gwen has called to apologize and invite Max to dinner. Gwen was a good friend of Max’s mother before her marriage to Max’s father and was just surprised to see that Max had grown so large. Gwen says she knew Max’s father was dangerous when she met him.

What frightened the Fair Gwen?

What Frightened the Fair Gwen. In the down under, Freak explains that he calls his mom “The Fair Gwen” because of the tale of King Arthur. And when Max says he didn’t think robots were real, Freak goes on a rant about robotics and the science of engineering. Freak also tells Max how important it is to read.

What does Gwen do when she sees Max?

When Kevin goes to Max’s house for the first time, Gwen panics when she is unable to find Kevin. She feels pretty overprotective because of Kevin’s small size and frailty, but she is visibly shaken when she sees that he is with Max. As she gathers up Kevin and rushes away, Max thinks he has dealt with this before.

Why did Max want to go to supper with Gwen?

To let Maxwell know that he was invited to supper by Gwen. She wanted to apologies from running away. What is it about Max that startles Gwen when she first sees him? It startled Gwen because Max looks exactly like his dad. Why does Max feel that everyone thinks it’s a big deal that he looks like his father?

What does Gwen say to Max in Freak The Mighty?

While at dinner, Gwen attempts to explain her actions by saying, “Sorry, Max. That is, I’m sorry we got off on the wrong foot. It’s just, you know . . .” (25). She had a hard time putting it into words, so Freak interrupted and said, “What she means is, you’re a spitting image of your old man” (25).

What is Max thinking as Gwen takes Kevin home?

What is Max thinking as Gwen takes Kevin home? That Gwen is scared of him and thought he was his dad who is in jail. What is Max’s time out? Maxwell time out is when he just goes into his head and under his bed.

What was Max’s first impression of Kevin from day care?

Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team. Max’s first impression of Kevin when he moves in next door is that he is pretty sure Kevin wants him to die! Max has vague memories of Kevin from day care.