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Why does Helena have red eyes?

Why does Helena have red eyes?

Also odd: These earliest flashbacks tell us that Helena’s signature look, the wild mane of blonde hair and red-rimmed eyes, was the result of a punishment doled out by a nun she accidentally spied masturbating. The nun forced her head in a bucket and poured a chemical over it, presumably some kind of bleach.

How old is Kira in Orphan Black?


Biographical information
Full name: Kira Manning
Birthdate: c. 2005
Status: Alive
Age: 8 (TV Series) 17 (Audio Series)

How old is PT Westmoreland?

In the final season, we meet the man behind the curtain: P.T. Westmoreland, who claims to be 170 years old thanks to life-extension treatments such as parabiosis (transfusions of young blood). Westmoreland wants to harness the healing powers of the particular LIN28A gene mutation found in the fertile clones’ kids.

Does Helena have kids?

Helena has two adopted children, but does not always live up to the custody agreement. The children appear to accept Helena’s many affairs, often asking if her lover can come along with them on activities such as swimming or going to the zoo.

What did Helena do to Henrik?

While he’s delivering his grand proclamation, Helena has sneaked up behind him — she chokes him until he’s unconscious, while Mark helps Gracie out of the cage and they run away. A little while later, Henrik wakes up in his own lab: Helena has strapped him down and his feet are in stirrups.

Does Helena get pregnant Orphan Black?

Well Henrick took out her eggs and and shot his sperm into it then inseminated a bunch of the women from the farm. Then had Grace lure Helena back to inseminate her as well. The former leader of the proletheans and Gracies father. He had the fertilized eggs implanted in both Helena an Gracie.

What does Helena call Felix?

13. SESTRA. Sestra, or “sister” in various Slavic languages, is what Ukraine-bred Helena calls her fellow clones—after she decides to stop killing them, that is. “Brother-sestra” is what she calls Felix.

Who was the first clone in Orphan Black?

Kendall Malone was a chimera and thus the genetic template from which the Leda and Castor cloning projects are derived from. She is the biological mother of Siobhan Sadler….Kendall Malone.

Biographical information
Series information
Portrayed by: Alison Steadman
Season/s: 3, 4
First appearance: “Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow”

Are Sarah and Helena twins?

Initially planning on taking her to Leekie, Sarah changes her mind upon the revelation that Helena and Sarah are twin sisters. Bound to the basement, Sarah introduces Helena to their birth mother, Amelia.

What did Helena name her babies?

Helena does, and that’s why she names her babies — hilariously called Orange and Purple temporarily — after two of the most important and positive men in her life: Donnie, who had shown her how a loving and supporting husband should be, and Art (Kevin Hanchard), who had aided her sisters and even helped her give birth.

Did Mrs know Sarah was a clone?

Eventually, she agrees to finally let Sarah back back into Kira’s life after Sarah, who she later learned was in fact Sarah’s clone Alison, proved that she was dedicated to sorting out her life for her. While Sarah initially intended on running away with Kira and Felix, when she saw how happy her daughter was with Mrs.