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Why I cant change the date in Tally?

Why I cant change the date in Tally?

Check your system date is correct. Check the book beginning date is in between the financial year selected In company alteration screen. If you have activated the option “Skip date field during creation for faster entry in voucher configuration(F12) screen. Try restarting tally erp 9 & Select right Financial year.

How can I change Tally version?

You must have a valid Tally Software Services (TSS) to upgrade to the latest release.

  1. Go to Gateway of Tally > F12:Configure > Product and Features .
  2. Click F12: Configure .
  3. Set Show all releases? to yes.
  4. Select the latest release.
  5. Click F6: Update as shown below:
  6. Tally.

How can I change previous year in Tally?

Go to Gateway of Tally > click F2 : Period and enter the dates. The Current Period appears as shown below: When the Current Period is changed, the balances from the previous financial year are carried forward.

How can I change date in Tally 9?

To change this date, press F2 from your keyboard or click on Date button provided at the right hand top of the screen. On clicking this the date button ,a voucher date option will pop up showing the next date ,if you want to use this date ,press enter. Or if you want to make entry on another date,suppose 1-06-2016.

How do I change the date shortcut?

Solution(By Examveda Team) To change the date, F2 shortcut key is used.

How do I change financial year in Tally prime?

Go to Gateway of Tally > Press Alt+F2 (F2: Period) and enter the dates….To move your data to the new financial year, change the current period to:

  1. Continue the voucher entry in the same company data.
  2. Carry forward all ledger balances without creating a new company.
  3. Compare the reports from different financial years.

What is tally latest version?

Tally Solutions announced the global launch of Tally. ERP 9 Release 6.6, which brings the Tally experience on web browsers.

How can I open higher version of tally in lower version?


  1. You will be prompted to back up your data before rewriting.
  2. In the lower release of Tally.
  3. After taking the back up of your data, rewrite the data in the lower release of Tally. ERP 9 in which you want to open the data.
  4. Take a back up of your data in the release in which you were able to open the data.

How can change bank reconciliation date in Tally?

Shortcut key for bank reconciliation in Tally. ERP 9

  1. Go to gateway of Tally> Display> Account books> Cash/Bank book.
  2. Select the required bank account and press enter on the required month (or press F2 function button on the keyboard and Specify the required period from which date you want to reconcile your bank account)

What is the full form of eTCS in tally?

eTCS stands for Electronic Tax Collected at Source.

Can you change the date of a share in tally?

You will not be able to change the date due to Tally is in educational mode. You can change the date only for 1, 2 and 31 of the month and pass the entry. For Share and Debenture in Tally it is a noted issue they are working on it.

How do I Change my period in tally?

To change the period You can use Alt + F2 or click on Period button provided on the top. Enter the starting date and end date in the box and press enter as shown in the image. Press enter,Tally will display the report of given period.

Why does the Vocher date not change in tally?

This is happening to you becoz u r not using licensed version of Tally. You have to use crack version or Original Tally to change the vocher date… Check whether ur office tally is a demo version or an unregistered version. The problem specified by u can be due to above reasons only…

What’s the difference between period and date in tally?

Main difference of period and date button is that period is time limit in which date wise accounting entries are passed in Tally. If next financial period has started. Never change financial and base year in company creation but change period. Let me explain with an example.