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Why is Diclowin plus banned?

Why is Diclowin plus banned?

According to IMA, the medicine exposes customers to possibly serious side effects like gastritis, blood disorders, malfunctioning of kidney and liver and some time even headache. Currently, the Act disallows advertisement of drugs meant for certain diseases like epilepsy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Is Diclowin plus good for headache?

Diclowin Plus tablet is used for relieving headache, body ache, backache, joint. It also helps in reducing swelling, pain and stiffness in case of arthritis and spondylitis. It contains diclofenac and paracetamol. Diclowin Plus tablet is an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medicine.

When should I take plus tablet?

Take Off Plus 50mg/325mg/15mg Tablet should be taken with food. This will prevent you from getting an upset stomach. The dose and duration will depend on what you are taking it for and how well it helps your symptoms.

What is Diclofenac used for?

Diclofenac is a medicine that reduces swelling (inflammation) and pain. It’s used to treat aches and pains, as well as problems with joints, muscles and bones. These include: rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

How many paracetamol take in a day?

The usual dose for adults is one or two 500mg tablets up to 4 times in 24 hours. Always leave at least 4 hours between doses. Overdosing on paracetamol can cause serious side effects.

How do I use C plus Tablet?

Take this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Swallow it as a whole. Do not chew, crush or break it. C Plus 500mg Tablet may be taken with or without food, but it is better to take it at a fixed time.

Can anyone Ceeplus?

Yes it can be given.

Why do I keep getting tension headaches?

Tension headaches occur when neck and scalp muscles become tense or contract. The muscle contractions can be a response to stress, depression, head injury, or anxiety. They may occur at any age, but are most common in adults and older teens. It is slightly more common in women and tends to run in families.

What kind of Medicine is diclowin Plus tablet?

Diclowin Plus Tablet is a combination of two medicines: Diclofenac and Paracetamol. This medication helps in relieving pain and inflammation. It works by lowering the levels of chemical substances in the body that cause pain and inflammation.

Can you take diclowin for knee joint pain?

A: Yes, it can be used for knee joint pain. It helps in relieving the pain and swelling associated with knee joint pain. Knee pain could be due to various reasons such as fracture, ligament tear, tendon rupture or arthritis due to ageing.

Is it safe to drink alcohol while taking diclowin?

Consumption of alcohol is not recommended while taking Diclowin Plus (50/500 mg) Tablet since it may increase the risk of side effects like confusion, dizziness, and impaired judgment. Avoid performing activities that need high mental alertness like driving a vehicle or operating machinery if alcohol and this medicine are used together.

Is it safe to take diclowin tablet during pregnancy?

Diclowin Plus Tablet is unsafe to use during pregnancy as there is definite evidence of risk to the developing baby. However, the doctor may rarely prescribe it in some life-threatening situations if the benefits are more than the potential risks.