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Why is it important to not horseplay in the lab?

Why is it important to not horseplay in the lab?

Workplace Horseplay Creates Unnecessary Risks Running, chasing, or pushing can cause slips, trips, falls, and other accidents. Throwing tools is a frequent cause of injuries. Fooling around with PPE can damage it and expose you or another worker to a hazardous substance.

What is unsafe act and unsafe condition?

“The unsafe act is a violation of an accepted safe procedure which could permit the occurrence of an accident.” “The unsafe condition is a hazardous physical condition or circumstance which could directly permit the occurrence of an accident.”

What is an unsafe condition?

Unsafe condition means a danger that reasonably could be expected to cause serious harm to a person or property.

Why is it important to follow workplace safety procedures?

When workers are aware of present dangers and understand safety procedures, you will have a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce. An effective safety program also works to reduce the number of injuries and illnesses, reducing the unexpected downtime of workers needing to take time off.

Is a fight at work an OSHA recordable?

Yes. Cases involving workplace violence, horseplay etc. that occur in the work environment are considered to be work related. Since the employee got stitches, medical treatment beyond first aid, the case is recordable.

Is it dangerous to have Horseplay in the workplace?

Workplace Rules Ban Horseplay Because It’s Dangerous Horseplay is usually a friendly, physical way to let off steam. But that type of fooling around is dangerous on the job because: When you’re fooling around, you’re not concentrating on your work. Directing your horseplay at others is even more dangerous.

When to put a no horseplay policy in place?

When necessary, a “No horseplay – no exceptions” policy should be in place. This eliminates company liability should an incident occur, and provides a guideline for expected safety behavior among employees.

What happens if you have a horseplay joke?

Horseplay is a safety hazard that can quickly get out of hand and lead to injury or death. If someone else gets hurt as a result of your horseplay or joke, you may be liable for damages and you’ll risk losing your job. Even if a practical joke isn’t dangerous in itself, it can result in humiliation, embarrassment,

What should a supervisor do about horseplay at work?

Supervisors and managers have a responsibility to keep their employees’ work environment safe and free of harassment by monitoring for and preventing horseplay. Safety+Health welcomes comments that promote respectful dialogue.