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Why should my parents get me a Nintendo switch?

Why should my parents get me a Nintendo switch?

Your parents don’t want you owning a console because it’s too distracting from life and games these days are too violent and provocative. The Switch also has the advantage of its parental control system, for when your Mum and Dad are concerned over the hours you play at a time.

How do you get your dad to say yes on the phone?

Encourage a good mood in your parents before you ask, by being extra polite and doing any chores you might have before they ask. To improve your chances of a yes before you ask for your new phone, you also might: Turn on your parents’ favorite music. Talk about an experience where you both had fun.

How do you get your parents to love you?

Start by telling your parents that you love or appreciate them. Additionally, hug or kiss your parents if that feels right to you. These actions show your parents you love them, which may help them be more affectionate with you. Say something like, “I love you” or “I appreciate you.”

How to convince your parents to get you something?

Make the pitch to your parents. Start with a little small talk about how they are doing. Try to bring up the item in an organic manner. For example: if you are trying to get a new dress, begin talking about how old all of your current dresses are.

How to convince my parents to get me the PS5?

The best way to convince your parents, unfortunately, is by presenting games that you can only play on the PS5 and not on your PS4. Which is exactly where the PS5 is severely lacking. For the time being, you just have to wait.

What to do if your parents won’t buy you fast food?

Ask directly: “Why won’t you buy me fast food?” and you’re likely to get a direct response. Be direct and respectful. Chances are high that your parents won’t deal with disrespect or confrontational behavior. Calling names, yelling or being visibly frustrated will only make the conversation harder.

How to convince your parents to let you have a cell phone?

Promise to be responsible with the phone. Let your parents know that you’ll be upfront with them about what you’re doing on the phone and will use it responsibly. Promise to limit your time on the phone. You can agree to only use the phone for a set number of hours each day.