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Will African cichlids eat guppies?

Will African cichlids eat guppies?

Some cichlids will eat guppies but it is NOT the best food to give them simply because they are not a natural part of most cichlids diet. They can also (in the case of feeder guppies) bring a pathogen into your tank which could potentially kill the other fish.

What gets along with African cichlids?

Some of the best fish to keep with African Cichlids are;

  • Botia Loaches (Clown Loach)
  • Red Tail Shark.
  • Giant Danios.
  • African Red-eyed Tetra.
  • Pleco.
  • Scavenger (Upside-down catfish)
  • Leopard Bush-fish.

What fish can I keep with guppies?

Guppies are good-natured, peaceful fish that will enjoy the company of a large variety of equally sized, peaceful freshwater fish. Perfect tank mates for guppies include swordtails, mollies, platies, Cory catfish, and few others I mentioned in this article.

What tropical fish can go with African cichlids?

List of Tank Mates for Quick Reading

  • African Butterfly Cichlid.
  • African Red-Eyed Tetra.
  • Clown Loaches.
  • Flying Fox Fish.
  • Giant Danios.
  • Leopard Bushfish.
  • Murray River Rainbowfish.
  • Plecos.

Can you put cichlids and tropical fish together?

They stay small, and they get along with most fish. This includes South American cichlids like the ram and checkerboard dwarf cichlid, and certain African river cichlids like the krib. These fish will generally get along with any fish that doesn’t pick on or bully them. They get along well with most species of tetra.

Do guppies need other guppies?

Guppies should be kept in trios – 2 females to each male. Yeah, this is so important we’re sayin’ it twice. Not only does this better the chances of reproduction, but female guppies are also less likely to become territorial than males- so you’re more likely to keep a peaceful aquarium.

Can clownfish live with guppies?

Make sure that the tank mates you are considering for your guppies will be able to live comfortably in freshwater as well. Damselfish, mollies, and clownfish are examples of saltwater fish that will not be able to survive in a freshwater tank.

Will African cichlids eat other fish?

In comparison with certain other common aquarium fishes, many people find cichlids to be rather aggressive fish. Often one cichlid will chase other fish and possibly even kill other fish. Some cichlids in the wild have a feeding territory, i.e., a region in the lake or river space that it tries to keep all to its own.

Are guppies good feeder fish?

Feeder guppies are a favorite to breed for live food because of their high adaptability to changing water conditions and quick reproduction rate. Most larger species of freshwater fish will gladly eat adult feeder guppies, like oscars and other cichlids.

What kind of cichlids can live with guppies?

Rams are considered one of the more docile species of cichlid, so they tend to get along with other peaceful fish, like guppies. Other cichlids that house well with guppies include angelfish, dwarfs, kribs, and keyholes. Basically, any small, sociable fish can be put in an aquarium with guppies. Will Cichlids Eat Guppies?

What kind of water does a Guppie like?

Below you can find the ideal water parameters for guppies and ram cichlids: Ram cichlids favor temperatures between 75 to 81 °F (24-27 °C). The natural habitat of the fish has warm waters as well as low mineral content.

What can I give my guppies to keep them together?

Cut fruits like grapes and grapes into small pieces, or any other fruits that have high sugar content. If you breed your guppies, take into account the special requirements of the fry. Give them micro-worms, a mixture of water and egg yolk, and chopped beef heart.

What should I Feed my ram cichlid guppies?

Guppies require a varied diet to thrive. They will accept tropical flakes and dried foods. These meals should be supplemented by nutritious live and frozen treats, including bloodworms, mosquito larvae, shredded earthworms, Daphnia, and Brine Shrimp.