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Are baumatic still trading?

Are baumatic still trading?

Baumatic went into administration at the beginning of October and has cancelled all servicing appointments and provisionally suspended its call-out service for all domestic appliance repairs until further notice.

Who owns Baumatic brand?

the Candy Group
Established in the early 1990’s, and acquired by the Candy Group in 2013, Baumatic has for over 20 years been renowned for researching trends in the premium sector and developing appliances that are strong in style, quality and function.

How do you turn on a Baumatic gas oven?

Switching the gas oven on Open the oven door. o Push the main oven control knob down fully and then turn it clockwise to the gas mark 8 position (the 8 has a * symbol above it). o If you keep the control knob depressed, the automatic ignition for the burner will operate. o The gas oven should light within 15 seconds.

Where is the model number on a Baumatic oven?

On a broad range of models, the plate tends to be on the appliance housing; on the back for cookers and on either the side or the top for built-in ovens. Sometimes the Data Plate can be found by opening the main oven door on the rim of the oven cavity next to the door seal.

What brand is baumatic?

Baumatic – which makes home appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers – has been bought by Hoover.

Where is baumatic from?

Launched in 1992 in the UK by Enzo Balestrazzi, Baumatic is a family-owned and operated appliance manufacturer. During the first decade the company grew quickly, exporting throughout Europe, with distribution extending to New Zealand in 2002.

What country is baumatic?

the UK
TIMELINE. 1992 Baumatic is founded in the UK in 1992 by one of the few family-owned and operated appliance manufacturers. With its excellent product design, innovative technology and reasonable price, Baumatic soon became a market leader in the whitegoods industry.

Why is my Baumatic oven not heating up?

This would usually indicate that the grill element is faulty. Check these: Grill element, Oven changeover switch, Overheat thermostat, Main oven thermostat, if used to regulate the grill temperature. The fan motor may need to be replaced see video on this also the cooling fan motor can cause same problems.

Is baumatic part of Hoover?

Baumatic are part of the Hoover Candy Group and we have a nationwide network of qualified and dedicated engineers equipped to repair your Baumatic domestic appliances.

How do I contact baumatic?

Call 03445 761 202 now to book your repair.

Is baumatic a Hoover?

How long has Baumatic been in the market?

Baumatic has been operating since 1992 and sold in over 40 countries worldwide. It is now proudly distributed by Home Appliances one of the largest distributors of cooking appliances in Australia and proudly Australian owned.

How long has the Baumatic oven been in business?

Baumatic offers you a range of appliances from the stylish built in Ovens to the reliable laundry range or our commercial ranges for developments looking for style and reliablilty. Baumatic has been operating since 1992 and sold in over 40 countries worldwide.

What makes Baumatic appliances different from other appliances?

At Baumatic we put a lot of thought into designing the features of our appliances. All our appliances are manufactured to exacting standards and sourced from the world’s best suppliers, Our point of difference is that each product is designed with features and functions that suit Australian lifestyles and homes.