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Can kids have PECS?

Can kids have PECS?

Over time, PECS has been used with individuals of many ages and with diverse abilities. PECS is used to provide a child with an alternative way of communicating if they have not yet developed speech. It can also be used to teach a child how to initiate communication with another person.

What age can you use PECS?

PECS has been used around the world with people aged from 14 months to 85 years. While the learning process may be different for people at different ages or with different types of communication impairment, PECS can be an effective functional communication system right across the age range.

What are the disadvantages of PECS?

Also if it is left behind somewhere the child does not have their words with them to express themselves.” Another disadvantage of PECS is that communication is limited. If a student does not have a specific card for a specific object, they are unable to request that object using the PECS system (Kluth, 2003).

Who should use PECS?

PECS can be used with children and adults with a range of Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN). It is frequently used with children and adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions and those who have little or no verbal communication.

How much do PECS cost?

Cost considerations Initial costs for the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) are high, but ongoing costs are low. PECS training workshops are available through Pyramid Educational Consultants. In 2020, the two-day PECS basic training workshop cost $695 for professionals and $440 for parents.

What is PECS short for?

PECS stands for Picture Exchange Communication System. It is an alternative communication system developed in 1985 by Andy Bondy and Lori Frost, to help children affected by autism convey their thoughts and needs.

Is PECS only for autism?

PECS is only for people with Autism: PECS is frequently recommended for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder due to deficits in expressive language and social communication.

Do PECS hinder speech?

But does it lead to better speech output for the child? Apparently there is no evidence to suggest that PECS hinders speech production but might actually aid in increased speech production (Schwartz et al. 1998).

How do I teach my child to get PECS?

How to Use PECS

  1. Work with a speech-language pathologist (SLP) to teach your child how to use PECS.
  2. Give your child several cards with other favorite items on it.
  3. When your child appears completely comfortable with PECS, encourage him to begin to form sentences.

Is pecs only for autism?

How do I teach my child to get pecs?

What happens when a child has difficulties with pecs?

If a child has difficulties learning PECS they might: Not be motivated to request items. Be resistant to hand-over-hand prompting/guidance. Get frustrated when they can’t get their message across. Struggle to maintain attention to task. Be unable to match physical objects to a picture of the item.

How is PECS used with children with autism?

PECS or Picture Exchange Communication System has been successfully used with many children with an autism spectrum disorder. Some will begin using PECS and then abandon the approach because they report that the child fails to make progress.

Can a child reach Stage 4 in Pecs?

Just because a child reaches Stage 4 in PECS, (plugging a single word/picture into a sentence frame), the attitude cannot be “good enough; he has a functional communication system.”

When to use picture exchange instead of Pecs?

“Picture exchange” can be a successful strategy without all the procedures of PECS. However, when well-planned programming is not working, re-evaluation of the program plan is always required. The bottom line is that when a child is identified as using PECS or “picture exchange,” one may wish to get clarification of which approach is being used.