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Can you like someone if you still love your ex?

Can you like someone if you still love your ex?

It is absolutely okay to have feelings of love towards your ex still. Love is not a feeling that comes and goes at will- it is a strong connection between two people. The fact that a relationship ended- howbeit abruptly- does not mean the feelings would automatically disappear as quickly as your ex did.

Is it bad to date someone like your ex?

“It is not always a bad thing to date someone who is like your ex,” Nelson-Terry says. “Your ex is multi-dimensional and if you can find a person who exhibits qualities of your ex that you found created a strong relationship then it is no problem.” And from there, checking in with yourself as you start to date again.

What happens when someone likes you more than a friend?

There are short-term and long-term processes that have to happen when someone likes you as more than a friend. The mistakes people make in these situations are the subject of many comedies and tragedies alike from Greek mythology to Sex and the City.

What should you do if your crush likes someone else?

Always be nice to your crush despite discovering that they like someone else. You may be tempted to be rude to them, after all, they like someone else and you can’t have them. But, this is not always the case.

What does it mean when a guy says he likes you?

A guy who likes you isn’t just going to say he does — it’s going to show in his actions, too. That means he’ll want to spend time with you and will make an effort to contact you. Not always, not constantly, but consistently enough that it demonstrates some interest in you.

What should you do if you like someone but they dont like you back?

Therefore if you like someone who does not like you back, don’t get lost in the fantasy in your head. Look at reality and be honest with yourself if this person is likely to actually like you back. Don’t get stuck dreaming and miss out on living.