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Does the harbor seal have a predator?

Does the harbor seal have a predator?

Predators. The most common predator of harbor seals is the killer whale. Other predators include sharks, sea lions, land predators such as wolves, bears and coyotes, and bald eagles may take newborn pups.

What are harbor seals hunted for?

In the 1900s, fur traders hunted harbor seal pups for the fine coats they have when they are less then four weeks old. Harbor seals were hunted by salmon fishermen who viewed the seals as competitors for fish. Hunting was so extensive that many harbor seal populations abandoned traditional haul-out areas.

Do harbor seals eat squid?

Food Preferences & Resources Adult harbor seals eat squid, crustaceans, molluscs, and a variety of fish; including, rockfish, herring, flounder, salmon, hake, and sand lance. A harbor seal’s diet varies seasonally and regionally and often is subject to local prey availability.

Do harbor seals eat ducks?

Harbor seals are mostly coastal, thought they have been recorded diving to depths of over 500 meters (1,640 feet). They have also been known to attack and eat several species of duck.

Why are harbor seals considered an apex predator?

The harbor seal is considered an “apex predator” because it feeds towards the top of the food chain. Apex predators are often used as an indication of the condition of their ecosystem because they can’t do well unless all of the organisms within their habitat are doing well.

What do harbor seals do when they are at sea?

Behavior and Diet Harbor seals haul out (rest) on rocks, reefs, beaches, and drifting glacial ice when they are not traveling and/or foraging at sea. They haul out to regulate their body temperature, molt, interact with other seals, give birth, and nurse their pups.

What kind of noise does a harbor seal make?

If born prematurely or early in the birthing season, harbor seals retain a whitish lanugo coat (which is usually lost before birth). Full-term pups are born well-developed and able to swim at birth. They make a noise that sounds like “maaaa” and are very vocal with their mothers.

What is the scientific name for a harbor seal?

Harbor Seal Scientific name The harbor seal’s scientific name is Phoca vitulina. Phoca is simply Latin for seal, and vitulina is Latin for veal. So the scientific name can mean “a seal that looks like a calf.”