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How do I reset my iPod touch 6 without password?

How do I reset my iPod touch 6 without password?

Connect your iPod touch to your computer while holding the “Volume Down” button (or the “Home” button on the 6th or earlier generation). Keep holding the Volume down button until you see the Recovery Mode screen. Step 4. Restore your iPod data and setting from iTunes if you have ever backed it up before.

How do you unlock an iPod if you forgot the password without losing everything?

Press and hold the Home button and the top button at the same time. If your device doesn’t have a top button, press both the Home button and side button at the same time. Keep pressing the two buttons until you see the Recovery Mode screen appear on your computer. Click “Restore.”

How do I reset my iPod touch 6th generation without password or iTunes?

Hold the buttons of “Home menu” and “Sleep” until your iPod restarts and you see Apple icon appearing on-screen. If your iPod boots up, go to the “Settings” option and tap on the “General” followed by the “Reset” option. Here you will get several settings to reset iPod touch without iTunes.

How do you recover your iPod Touch Password?

If you’ve forgotten your iTunes Store password on your iPod or iPod Touch, you can reset your password through Apple’s support website. To recover your password you need to know the answers to the security questions that you set up when creating your Apple ID and have access to the email address associated with your Apple ID.

How to get into an iPod with a forgotten password?

Download and install the latest version of iTunes to your computer if you have not done so

  • Launch iTunes and plug your iPod Touch into your computer using the USB cable.
  • Click the name of your iPod Touch in the menu and back up your iPod Touch by clicking
  • How do you reset an iPod touch without a computer?

    If you want to restore your iPod touch without iTunes, simply hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons down for about 10 seconds. Keep holding it down until the iPod touch shuts off and begins to restart. Once you see the Apple logo, release the buttons. It is simple as that.

    Does the iPod Touch have a password?

    Choose Settings→General→Passcode Lock from the Home screen.

  • To use a four-number passcode,leave the Simple Passcode option turned on; if you want to use a more complex alphanumeric password as a passcode,tap the On switch for
  • Tap Turn Passcode On at the top and enter the passcode.
  • Enter the same passcode again to confirm the passcode.