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How do their different body parts help animals?

How do their different body parts help animals?

In fishes they use their fins and tails to move and in amphibians they use their legs to move and in most reptiles (snake) they use their own body to move, in mammals they use their hands and legs for locomotion. Mark it as BRAINLIEST.

What are the different ways by which animals protect themselves?

Camouflage and special body coverings are two ways that animals protect themselves from other animals.

What protects the bodies of animals answer?

Skin protects the body of animals .

What different parts do animals have?

Animal body parts 1

  • tail.
  • claws.
  • wing.
  • beak.
  • fur.
  • fins.
  • shell.
  • feathers.

What are the body parts of animals?

Unit 3: Organs and systems of the body

System of the Body Organs in the Body
Respiratory muzzle, windpipe, lungs
Urinary kidneys, bladder
Nervous brain, nerves spinal cord
Sensory eyes, ears, nose skin

What body parts or structures do these animals have for protection and survival?

Some mammals have different coverings: the armadillo has plates, the porcupine has quills, and naked skin covers the dolphin. All of these help these mammals to survive in the different conditions in which they live. Birds also have a very protective covering: feathers.

How is the animal body protect?

Every living thing has some kind of covering (skin) to protect it from its environment. This covering can aid in defense, camouflage, locomotion, sensory perception, and is instrumental in keeping an animal from drying out. An animal’s skin may produce structures such as hair, nails, feathers, scales, horns, etc.

What Is animal body parts?

Unit 3: Organs and systems of the body

System of the Body Organs in the Body
Musculo-skeletal muscle (meat) bones
Digestive stomach, liver, intestine, pancreas
Circulatory heart, blood vessels
Respiratory muzzle, windpipe, lungs

What do you call animal body parts?

anatomy. noun. the body of a human or animal, or the structure of a plant.

What do animals have to do to protect themselves?

Many animals have special body parts that may help to protect them from enemies. These body parts can be hard outer shells or hard ekoskeletons. 1. How Animals Protect Themselves By Moira Whitehouse PhD

How does camouflage help animals to protect themselves?

Camouflage…An animal’s natural coloring or form that 1)provides protection from predators by blending in with surroundings through color or pattern. 2)can also help predators get close enough to unsuspecting prey to catch them. Wikipedia Commons Wikipedia Commons 10.

What are the physical characteristics of an animal?

Special characteristics that protect animals from danger. Animals have different physical characteristics that protect themselves from their enemies. The bodies of garden snails, clams, crabs and tortoises are covered by a hard shell. The shell helps to protect the animals from their enemies.

What do animals do to keep their bodies cool?

Buffaloes and rhinoceroses wallow in mud to keep their body cool on a hot day. Hippopotamuses wallow in water, for example in a river or lake to keep their body cool. This behavior also helps them to reduce loss of water from their body. Swallows and white storks adapt to changes in the seasons by migrating to new habitats.