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How far should a pit latrine be situated from a kitchen?

How far should a pit latrine be situated from a kitchen?

It should not be nearer than 6 m or farther than 50 m from the house. The direction of the wind should be away from the main house. If there is a well in the compound, the latrine should be located as far away from it as possible on the downhill side to avoid possible seeping and contamination of groundwater.

How far should a latrine be from a house?

The latrine should be a minimum distance of six metres from the house, so that it is easy to reach during bad weather but will not cause problems of odour in the house.

What is Pit distance for toilet?

So, this is the distance between the backside of the toilet and the toilet drain outlet. The standard (and the most commonly used) pit distance is 300mm for the ground drainage. For the back drainage toilet (drainage to the wall, not to the ground), the pit distance is 180mm.

What is the minimum distance should be kept between well and toilet pit?

“If the distance between the bottom of the pit and ground water table is 2m or more throughout the year, the pit can be located at a minimum distance of 3.0m from the water source (tube well or dug well) for the effective size (E.S.) of the soil 0.2 mm or less.

Which latrine is the safest latrine?

The fecal sludge that is removed from the full pits of twin-pit pour-flush pit latrines is somewhat safer to handle and reuse than the fecal sludge from single pit pour-flush latrines. However, significant health risks for the workers who are emptying the pits remain in either case.

How deep is a latrine?

Dig the hole 6-8 inches deep (about the length of the trowel blade) and 4-6 inches wide and 12 inches long or more, depending on your group size or night’s stay. Each person will use the latrine when they have to go.

What is the minimum distance of drinking water from latrines urinals in meters?

All such points shall be legibly marked “drinking water”in a language understood by a majority of the workers employed in the factory and no such points shall be situated within [six metres of any washing place, urinal, latrine, spittoon,open drain carrying sullage or effluent or any other source of contamination] …

How do you close a pit toilet?

To make a closed pit toilet

  1. Dig a hole less than 1 meter across and at least 2 meters deep.
  2. Line the top of the pit with stones, brick, concrete or other material that will support a platform and prevent the pit from collapsing. A concrete ring beam works well.
  3. Make a platform and a shelter to put over the pit.

What is Borehole latrine?

The borehole latrine is an (emergency) excreta disposal system where a borehole (typically 5-10m deep, 40cm in diameter) is combined with a slab and a superstructure. It is an alternative to pit or trench latrines where ground conditions allow it and tools and labour is immediately available locally.