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How long and wide is a basketball?

How long and wide is a basketball?

Basketball sizes come in variations for different ages, genders, and level of play. The official NBA and competitive professional basketball is 29.5” | 74.9 cm in circumference with a diameter between 9.43”-9.51” | 24-24.2 cm.

How wide is an average basketball court?

The NBA basketball court is 94 feet in length and 50 feet in width. The FIBA states that the court dimensions are 91.9 feet in length and 49.2 feet in width for international basketball games.

What’s the size of a high school basketball court?

84 feet long and 50
The overall size of most high school basketball courts is 84 feet long and 50 feet wide. At some junior high schools, the court size will be 74 feet long and 42 feet wide.

How long and wide is a half basketball court?

Half-Court Dimensions A youth half court is 37 feet by 42 feet and a high school half court is 42 feet by 50 feet. Half court games played on a college or professional court are 47 feet by 50 feet and games played on an international court are 52 feet by 31 feet.

What size is a half court basketball court?

The official half-court dimensions are as follow. NBA Professional Half Court Dimension is 50′ baseline by 47′ sidelines. College Women’s and Men’s basketball half-court dimensions are the same as the NBA. High School basketball half-court dimension is 50′ baseline by 42′ sideline.

What is the width of a basketball?

A standard NBA basketball has a diameter between 9.43 and 9.51 inches. In the WNBA, the basketball has a diameter of between 9.07 and 9.23 inches. Basketballs used in the NCAA are between 9.39 and 9.55 inches for the men and 9.07 and 9.23 inches for the women.

What is the length and width of a middle school basketball court?

Overall Court Regulation Sizes are typically: Junior High – 74 feet long and 42 feet wide.

How wide is an elementary school basketball court?

An elementary school basketball court measures 74 feet by 42 feet. This is considerably smaller than the dimensions of a professional court, which measures 94 feet by 50 feet, or the court used in high school games, which measures 84 feet by 50 feet. Hoop size, hoop height and ball are also reduced for younger players.

How wide is a size 7 basketball?

Size 7 (29.5″ or 75cm) is the official size of all adult basketballs, suitable for male basketball players aged 13 years and over.

How big is an indoor NBA basketball court?

Indoor courts are usually made with polished wood (often maple), while outdoor courts are typically made from paving, concrete, or asphalt. Basketball courts come in different sizes based on the level and type of basketball being played. A professional NBA court is 94’ x 50’ | 28.65 x 15.24 m.

How big is a half court basketball court?

An NBA court will be 94 feet in length by 50 wide, with the half court line at 47 feet, directly in the center of the court. The free throw line is 19 feet from the edge of the court and 15 feet from the front of the backboard.

How big is the backboard on a basketball court?

The inner backboard square is 24 inches wide by 18 inches tall. All the basketball hoops/rims have a standard diameter of 18 inches. All the line markings on the basketball court should be 2 inches wide (the line colors might vary, though).

How tall are the rims on a basketball court?

Basketball rims, sometimes referred to as the hoop or basket, are a regulation 18 inches in diameter. It’s recommended that 8 to 10 year olds play on an 8 foot rim height, and 11 year olds play on a 9 foot rim height.