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How long is a personal trainer career?

How long is a personal trainer career?

Becoming a personal trainer will usually take 9 months to 1 year. The duration of your study depends on which study mode you choose.

How long do personal training certifications last?

2 years
U.S. Certifications

Certification ACE NASM
Recertification requirements (how often and what’s needed) Every 2 years; 20 hours CECs† 2 years; 20 hours of continuing education
Recertification Cost $49-$139 $99 for two years or $299 for lifetime certification (must still submit CEUs every 2 years)

How much does it cost to get certified as a personal trainer?

How Much Does Personal Trainer Certification Cost?

NCCA Accredited Certification Programs Cost of Certification Packages
NFPT National Federation of Professional Trainers $199 – $449
ACE American Council on Exercise $549 – $899
CI Coopers Institute $595 – $899
NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine $629 – $1999

How long does it take to become a certified personal trainer?

The time it takes to become certified as a personal trainer depends on the program you choose. Some programs take days to complete, while others take weeks or months.

Which personal training certification should I get?

A personal trainer should be certified by an accredited organization. Some great ones to look for are NASM, ASCM, and NSCA. These certifications are thorough. A trainer should also be Red Cross certified in CPR/AED.

How do you become a personal training?

Some trainers choose to complete a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. Some trainers earn a personal training diploma from a technical or vocational school. But the fastest and easiest way to become a personal trainer is through a personal trainer certification organization. Get training and certification in CPR and first aid.

What can I do with a personal trainer certification?

With an AFPA personal training certification, you can use your specific expertise to help your clients reach their physical, mental and lifestyle goals. As a trainer, you’ll learn how to help others lose weight, reduce the risk of chronic disease, quit smoking, increase athletic performance and much more.