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How many Breyer models are there?

How many Breyer models are there?

There are five common scales of Breyer horse models currently. The “Ponies” line was replaced in 2008 by the “Pony Gals”.

What are the most common Breyer horse?

There are several scales of Breyer horse models: Traditional: 1:9 scale (adult models are approximately 11″ long × 9″ high) and is the most popular scale. Classic: 1:12 scale (adult models are approximately 9″ long × 6″ high)

Is Breyer an American company?

Breyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania….Breyers.

Product type Frozen dessert
Owner Unilever
Country United States
Introduced 1866
Markets United States

Why are Breyers model horses so collectible?

Over the course of the 70 years, thousands of models have been released into production, giving collectors an amazing amount of variety. Collecting Breyer horses is all about what appeals to the individual, which means that the most collectible model horses will vary from person to person.

How many different horses can you get in Breyers?

There are 18 different horses to collect, including the special golden “Treasure” horse! This item ships blind, meaning you cannot choose which surprise model you’ll get! There are no products in this category.

How big is a Breyer 1 / 9th scale horse?

Traditional Series 1/9th Scale Approximately 30cm L x 23cm H. The Largest and most popular Breyer model size available. Traditional Series models are for play, collecting, showing and more.

How much does Breyer auction raise for equine charities?

Every year, Breyer runs a live auction Breyerfest full of OOAK models that have been specifically painted for this event. The money raised is donated to equine charities, and it raises significant sums. In 2019, a Glossy Sooty Dappled Buckskin Sabino Pinto hand painted on the coveted Alborozo mold sold for a whopping $22,000!